My Dead Wife Won't Leave Me Alone

June 6, 2017
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Well, let me start from the beginning that morning  It hit me like a ton of bricks the fact that it is Friday.  Every Friday morning my wife has to tell me what she is doing for the weekend and every time I try saying I had a plan for us but she just goes off on a tangent and tell me I never let her do what she wants well today I got this on nail down to the point where she can't yell at me or get mad.  So I walked downstairs to see how she doing while I was pouring both of our coffee and with the look on her face made it look like I had some screw loses
“John are you okay,” asked Sophia 
“Yeah can't I just poor my wife some coffee. By the way, I was thinking that we can go out for dinner tomorrow night,” I asked
She gave me this look of unease
“Well dear I was planning on having some friends over,” she said
“Fine I just trying to do something nice for us I was going to spend today getting seats at ur favorite place but okay I will just go out with the guys,”  I said
That first part was my last effort to get to cancel 
so we finished the conversation around 8
“Oh crap I'm going to be late love you see you tonight,” I said
“Love you too and be careful and don’t speed.” Sophia
“Okay I won’t,” I replied
The rest of that day went fine we had out 12:30 lunch date that we always have but instead of an hour it was only 30mins she had a client to talk to but now I'm not sure if he was a real client I got home that night with Sophia already making dinner and I thought I should you start with some small talk
“So soph how was the meeting with your client,” I asked
“What meeting I had no meeting,” she replied
“The one the made you cut lunch 30 mins shorter,” I said
“Oh that one um it was good he just had a problem with some paperwork that he had to have done to make sure things are in order you that type of stuff,” she said with a hesitant voice
“Oh okay so this dinner party you're having should I dress nice or what,” I asked
“You're staying for that you said your going out with the guys,” she said
“Well I thought I should stay to support you,”I explained
“You just go out with the guy it all girl that are coming to anyways,” she said
And I left it at that we ate dinner and went to bed but it it was odd I know it I'm saying too much so let just skip to the next day.     That afternoon was her asked me when I was going to be home and I keep on saying idk depends on the guys well the last time I was walking out the door we went to a local bar I was with Chad and Nate and they did not believe my wife was having a house party
“Well Chad are you sure because Sophia said that ur wife would be there,” I said
“Hahaha nope or I would be the one watch the little poop monster,” he said joking around
“Well I'm going to go, guys, I don’t like the look of this,” I said
So I drove as fast is I can surprise I did not get a ticket and try opening my door it was not opening so I kicked it in will saying, honey, I'm home sounds cheesy but I did” no response so I check upstairs looking for her then I heard noises coming from our room walked in
“I thought you were having a party…”
What I saw was unbelievable I thought I meant something to her married for 4 years but I guess not I was mad on a new level and then I snapped the guy throw something at me defending himself I move by sidestepping the object and gave him a right hook then when he's on the ground grabbed my revolver and one in his head and the other in my wife the roasted is a blur

So that the story officer so what now
“Well lucky for you you're not getting jail time because the man that I thought you saw was part of a group of cult their cannibals. And the women was not your wife it seems like she came in after the man has arrived and she was also apart of the group but if u came sooner you would have been able to save your wife.” officer Tanner explain
“Well thanks for saying that so what am I doing now my house is still a crime scene I'm not just going to crash at a friends house,” I said   
“Well you could rent a hotel I will pay for it.” officer Tanner said
“Well if you are offering then I guess I will take it can you bring me to my house I have to pick some clothes up,” I asked
“Sure let’s go,” he replied
So as we were driving to my house I thought I was seeing things like my wife Sophia and the man that was there but I shocked it off like it was nothing.  We got there I grab some stuff and officer drove me to the closest hotel I got checked in and I thanked him for the room
“Well Nate I will let you know when your house is ready but this room is yours for a while okay.” officer Tanner said
“Thank you helped a lot sir,” I said
That night I could not get any sleep tossing and turning and at one point I thought I saw her Sophia I jumped up and turn on the light but no one was there that was at 3 that morning  but this happened for the next few nights but one night at 3 am she called me saying
“Nate why did you not stay with me,” Sophia asked
“I tried but you..”
I tried to say what happen but she disappeared  I fell back on the bed and tried to get some rest for work tomorrow but then I got a call it from Officer Tanner
“Hey Nate um we went back to the house to pick up the body's your wife was not there we are looking for her but nothing yet.” officer Tanner said
“Well that great do you think that those cults took her or was she not even dead and got away.” with hope in my voice
“No she was there when we came to your house so maybe they did but I will keep up to date if we find anything new.” officer Tanner said 

Three months later they still can't find her so they called off the search I was not upset because I know where she is as I'm writing she sitting on the bed with me...  

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