Murder Mystery

June 2, 2017
By , Meadville, PA

 I was awoken suddenly through a shrieking noise and flashing lights. The alarm rung through every room of the house causing each wall to shake. Red lights flashed through the rooms opened nearly blinding me. I suddenly noticed the last room at the end of the door was open. Rosa. I had always closed my daughters door throughout the night to ensure safety. I rushed out of my room moving faster than ever, charging towards her wide open door. I screamed her name through the sounds of the alarm erupting throughout the house. The room was empty. I could barely think through the alarm ringing through my brain like an infection running through my bones. I rushed downstairs continuing to scream out my daughters name, searching for her. When I made it to the bottom of the steps the chef and maid were huddled together, looking terrified. “Rosa!” I screamed through gasping breathes, “we need to find her”. They nodded and scurried into seperate directions.
As I rushed from room to room screaming out my daughters’ name, I heard even more sirens beginning to erode but from outside. I quickly glanced out the window to see three cop cars blaring noises that mixed in with our own house alarm and neighbors gathering around outside. I continued running in a frantic search for Rosa. Suddenly I heard a loud screech, it was Jennifer the maid’s. “Miss Anderson, Miss Anderson!” She called out through gasps from the sunroom. I ran as fast as I could until I reached the room. “Rosa? Did you find her?” I asked half screaming half gasping for breath from my tiring run. It appeared she was looking  down at something.
As soon as I saw what she had seen herself the police ran in to see me on the ground sobbing. Next to me, my daughter’s limbless body with blood  seeping out from underneath her. In the middle of her cut open stomach a butcher's nice stuck straight out. Piercing her inside.
The police comforted me as paramedics took my daughter away, but I already knew it was no use. Rosa was dead. Someone had killed her. Andrew, the chief, Jennifer, and myself stood in the living room while the cops asked a few questions that I was barely able to answer through sobs. I suddenly noticed that Jon, the butcher, was not present. There was no way he could have slept through both the house’s shrieking alarm and the cops. Just as I had thought his name the butcher himself came slowly walking down the steps. Everyone in the room asked where he had been. He claimed he had been in the kitchen working and later fell asleep.
As the cops continued looking for clues they found what had initially set off the alarm. Several items in the kitchen had been broken including the window. But what they were interested in was the butcher knife that had been used to kill Rosa was once in Jon’s case. It was the only knife missing. That night the cops handcuffed Jon and brutally took him to jail. I could barely believe it, he had worked for me for years what had inspired him to do this?
Three days later Jon was released when Jennifer confessed to doing the murderous act. She was upset with the way Rosa never cleaned up and she was always forced to work extra hours. She drugged Jon to ensure he passed out when working.  Broke a window to set  off an alarm that would call the police. She had rushed up to Rosa’s room and since she was frightened led her to the sunroom. She finished the deed by using one of the butcher knifes she  had stolen from the collection to kill Rosa. She then had called for me to act as if she had found the body and was completely innocent. She framed the entire act on Jon but after three days of him in jail she drove herself mad with guilt. She finally confessed and was arrested with a life sentence.

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