The Unexpected

May 16, 2017
By Drakee BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Drakee BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Growing up, Jake always had the best childhood a kid could ask for. He had many friends, a big house on the beach in California, and good parents, you could call him lucky. Jake is 17 now he is a senior in high school and graduates in 6 months, his best friend is a 2 year old wire haired dutch shepherd named fanta that his parents bought if for his birthday. They do everything together, jake is even training her for schutzhund, that is one of the main reasons they got her for protection purposes because recently their house got robbed while she was still a puppy.

Jake is 25, Fanta is now ten,  they are taking a long walk on the beach like usual, it's around 5:30 in the afternoon jake takes a break on a rock throwing sticks to fantum.

“Go get it girl” jake starts to fade in coldness with the realization that fanta is getting older and can't do the things she use to do anymore, but he quickly shakes it off, closes his eyes and focused his hearing on the teal waves crashing against the sea floor as the smell of salt rushes past his nose, remembering all the fun times he had on the beach.

“Cammon buddy,”

Jake says as motioning fanta to the back of his car, “let's go see mom”  the beach is about 5 minutes from his parents house, so he wanted to stop by to say hi. Jake walks through the door surprised that his mom wasnt reading in the living room, one of her favorite things to do, “mom” “mom?” jake shouts as he searches the house. “ go find her fanta” she takes off searching every inch of their 3,000 square foot penthouse, fanta comes back with nothing, one call…. Two call…. Three, still no answer jake now tries to call his dad. He picks up! “Dad! I can't find mom and she isn't answering the phone, do you know where she is?” “i've been at work all day, before i left she had told me she was going to dinner with the girls at the mexican pub on angeles street and 48th check there and if she's not there call the police, i should be home soon”

Jake rushes fanta in his jeep and he takes off, surprised he didn't get a ticket at the speed he was going, he arrives, gets out of his car and tires to open the door, “it locked! No! No! It can't be”  as he reads the sign on the door that says “closed on sundays”  she lied to dad, jake thinks, going over all the possibilities of where his mom might be. “Aha jake says out loud remembering the bar his mom used to always go too when she's not feeling mexican food, driving frantically he makes a sudden stop to turn into the bar he opens the door, it's dark, too dark “i know it's supposed to be dark in a bar, but not this dark” it's silent with the bitter smell of whiskey and puke, he finds the light switch it doesn't work, jake soon figures that no one is there as he gets a chill through his bones he runs outside with fanta still in the car, “lets get outa her girl” 80...90...100 mph he speeds down the side streets as it hits him, his blood runs cold he starts to feel dizzy as he looks around and notices the streets are absolutely empty the feeling of aloneness floods his head as he poses in fear realizing the whole time the streets have been empty the whole time, “is this a dream” jake said mumbling in confusion.

Jake and fanta are now back at their house trying to get some rest and forget about reality, he passes out, four hours later he wakes up in a jolt is whole body was covered in sweat, his head throbbing with a migraine, even worse than the one he had after his comma that he  just woke up from after two years, but little does he know a lot has changed by then. The two years he was in a comma there has been a horrible outbreak of the zion x virus, still newly discovered so it was hard to treat it when it was taking over the minds and bodies of its innocent victims, by the present year (2017) this virus has consumed almost all of the world into spine chilling nocturnal human hybrids made to kill.

It's now 8:30 jake's eyes are drooping has he crawls into his bed with fanta to his side, as he starts to fade asleep he starts to hear faint screams and yells, he tries to ignore it while fanta is alert at his door, “fine i'll go check it out but you stay here girl” jake puts on his slippers and robe and starts to walk out the door, he squints he eyes only to see what looked like two very tall and athletic men running around, “why at this hour” he thinks to himself as they start to notice him. “What the hell are they” he says, his heart pumping as they are getting closer, he had never seen humans run this fast he was so confused yet scared. Once they were close enough he could actually make out their face. Jake is shooken in fear, tries to run back in his house only to find himself stumbling, barely able to walk his body is numb, jake manages to enter his home and lock the doors. Fanga right by his side “what are they” Thump….Thump….Thump, “is this some kind of prank” jake shouts, their only response were growls and cries, he looks through the peep hole in his door, but nothing's their, right before he looks away he sees a eye looking directly at him, jake comes to the harsh realization that this is no prank, this is real. Jake franticly picks up his phone to call 911, “sorry the number you have reached is no longer in service” what! “No it can't be” jake says in disbelief, realizing that the call to his dad was just a automated voice mail that could've been set a year ago while jake was still in a coma Without realizing how tired he was he passes out.
9:30 jake woke up with a stiff neck from sleeping on the floor, he goes to get some milk out of the fridge as he tries to convince himself what happened last night was just a dream. But as he looks at the scratches at the  front of is door he knows it is real. “Common girl let's get you some food” Jake says to fanta while opening a can of dog food. He is determined to find out what's happening, jake tries turning on his tv only to get no signal, fluttered with more confusion jake grabs fanta and gets in his car. He decides to drive to his local gas station to see if there are any information in the news papers. Jake arrives, he gets out of his car and walks up to the newspaper dispenser. I figures he's all alone so he breaks the glass to get one and stole some food while he's at it, as he's reading the paper he is shocked on what he finds.

All of the headlines are about the virus and of it is wiping out the population, but then he turns the page only to find his face, “jake fox still in a coma at beach park hospital told to be one of the only survivors, doctors believe he will wake up from is coma soon so they refuse to kill him, instead they give him tools to help find a cure, incase jake may be reading them right now the locations of all the tools needed and a map of safe colonies will be”  after reading this great news jake and fanta hop in his car and head straight for the hospital he got put in when he hit his head. Jake gets out of his car and makes fanta stay in the car, but jake approached with caution as he know the hospital is dark and that where they like to hide so he grabs his AR and heads for the door. Walking frantically to try and find his room but he can barely see because the windows are all boarded up. So jake turns of his flash light on his gun and proceeds. Jake sees his room, it's the one right next to the front desk he is starting to get nervous as he starts to hear movement hi is room, he opens the door. Nothing seems to be there he immediately goes and grabs the tools to help him cure the virus smiling with a feel of succes jake turns around to go back to his car only to see a 7 foot, zombi like chillingly scary creature, jake is absolutely frozen in fear, but his instinct kicks in as he remembers that they are sensitive to light so he its it with the stock of his gun then shines his flashlight on it, hearing the burning of its skin while its on the ground, jake gives it two shoots to the head. Jake quickly leaves the hospital as he starts to hear screams. He is at home with all of his tools that tell him how to make the virus but it said it will take time.


It has been 3 years now, fanta has died of old age and Jake has completed the cure, he dropped it off in a safe colony of survivors with scientist to help spread it to the infected, unfortunately jake had to give his life to find the cure because it required it to be injected into the unaffected to test it, so at the colony, Jake volunteered to save the rest of humanity and it work. Earth is back on their heels now, giving cures to all the infected and fastly repopulating, none of this could've happened if it wasn't for our hero, Jake fox 3/14/21

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