May 8, 2017

Kathryn was a good girl…a very good girl. She did all the things that good girls do. She helped out with chores around the house. She worked diligently in school and made superior grades. She always hung around with respectable boys and girls. Then, Kathryn met Billy. Billy was a bad boy...a very bad boy. He did lots of things that bad boys do. He smoked weed, drank beer with his delinquent buddies, and had a creepy habit of staring at younger girls with blonde hair. Billy also had a peculiar obsession with bubbles. At thirteen, Billy was four years older than Kathryn, and she was an extremely vulnerable nine-year-old. Billy recognized her weakness immediately and his deranged mind started to boil.
Since Billy and Kathryn lived in the same neighborhood, they often rode the bus home together. Billy always made a point to tell Kathryn how beautiful she looked when she walked by him on the bus. That flattered Kathryn and made her giggle every time. One day, she decided to not walk by Billy on the bus, but instead she slid into the seat right next to him. Billy smiled as he watched the innocent, naive nine-year-old take her seat. His sick plan was starting to unfold.
Kathryn seemed a little nervous, so Billy initiated some small talk.
“Hey Kathryn, wanna do something really cool when we get off the bus?” questioned Billy.
“Like what, Billy?” she asked nervously. Kathryn had always wondered what Billy thought about her, and his invitation excited her.
“Meet me at the lake behind my house in fifteen minutes. I promise, you won’t regret it,” he whispered in her ear. 
“Ok, but we can’t tell anyone, especially my parents. They would freak out!”
The bus pulled up to the stop right in front of Billy’s house and Billy got up to get off. As he left his seat, he turned to Kathryn and blew a single bubble with his saliva between his lips. As the bubble popped, he said, “See you at the lake.”
As soon as Billy walked into his house, he sprinted up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom. He threw open the door and walked straight to the shelves in the corner of his room. His eyes immediately cut to the porcelain doll sitting on the top shelf. The doll, which had been left there by Billy’s older sister when she went off to college, had always reminded Billy of his sweet, young neighbor, Kathryn. In fact, Billy’s sicko mind had often pictured Kathryn as his own little doll.
Kathryn’s mother greeted her at the front porch, as she did every day after school. Kathryn tried her best to not look nervous as she hugged her mom before walking into the house. She went straight to her bedroom and quickly shut the door behind her. Her mind was racing with thoughts about what Billy might be planning to do at the lake. At this point, it really didn’t matter. She was going to the lake. After throwing on a pair of jeans and her favorite t-shirt, she started devising a plan to get out of the house. Billy was going to be at the lake in less than ten minutes. Kathryn walked into the kitchen with her backpack on her shoulder and announced to her mom that she was running over to Claire’s house to study. Her mom didn’t blink an eye at the idea since Kathryn often studied with her neighbor, Claire.
Kathryn headed down the sidewalk in the direction of Claire’s house, but as soon as she knew that she was out of her mom’s sight, she sprinted through the woods to meet Billy. The last thing Kathryn wanted to do was be late for her rendezvous with Billy. As she broke through the woods, she saw Billy standing on the massive cliff across the lake. Kathryn had never been anywhere near that cliff because it was 80 feet high and she was scared to death of heights. She was hoping with all her heart that Billy would not ask her to come up to the cliff to meet him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what he did.
“Hey Kathryn. Come on up to the cliff. The view is beautiful from up here!” Billy yelled.
Kathryn’s heart skipped a beat the second she heard the word cliff. “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, Billy. I’m too scared.”
“I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. Hurry up!” Billy blurted in a reassuring voice.
Even though Kathryn knew better, she made her way around the lake and climbed the jagged rocks up to the top of the cliff. From there, she could see all the way across the two-acre lake. She could also see the water 80 feet below, which made her whole body shake.
Billy knew she was scared and, in a demented way, that excited him. He finally had his living doll right where he wanted her. Billy seemed to be getting sicker by the minute.
“What are we doing up here, Billy?” Kathryn questioned as she anxiously smacked her gum.
“We’re gonna play a little game that I made up just for you, Kathryn. It’s called ‘Rock Drop’, and I’ll show you how to play.” 
Billy picked up a baseball-sized rock and proceeded to drop it into the water from the edge of the cliff. After the rock hit the water, Billy looked at Kathryn and said, “Did you see that splash? The point of ‘Rock Drop’ is to see who can make the biggest splash with the smallest rock.”
“Billy, I don’t think I want to play that game. It frightens me.”
Billy reached over, gently grabbed Kathryn’s arm, and pulled her to the edge of the towering cliff. He picked out a smaller rock and placed it in Kathryn’s hand.
“Go ahead, Kathryn, drop your rock. Let’s see who wins the game,” Billy whispered as he stared blankly into her eyes.
“Ok, Billy, but I’m only doing it once. My mom is going to start wondering where I am.”
“That’s fine. I have a funny feeling one time is all it’s going to take.”
Kathryn took a deep breath and blew a huge, pink bubble with her gum. She took one last look over the edge of the cliff as she popped the bubble between her lips. Billy began to shiver when the bubble popped.
“Don’t worry, Kathryn, I bet you win the game with your first rock,” Billy said with a deviant look on his face. “Don’t forget to watch your rock hit the water so you can see how big the splash is.”
Kathryn nervously walked to the edge of the overhang and held her rock out over the water. She slowly released the rock and watched it fall into the water below. As the rock fell, Billy leaned over the cliff to see how Kathryn’s splash compared to his.
When Kathryn’s rock hit the water, Billy stared in disbelief because there was no splash…no splash at all. Five seconds later, they appeared. At first just a few, then more, and more, and more. Unexplainably, there were bubbles everywhere, coming up from under the water precisely at the spot where Kathryn’s rock had landed.
Billy began to shake uncontrollably as the bubbles continued to rise. A creepy voice inside his head said, “Do what you have to do, Billy.” He stepped behind Kathryn and violently shoved her over the edge of the cliff as he screamed, “Those are your bubbles, my little doll!”
Billy watched as Kathryn tumbled 80 feet through the air into the dark, rocky water below. Shockingly, when Kathryn hit the water, there was no splash at all and all of the bubbles instantly disappeared.
Billy showed no emotion whatsoever as he turned to walk away. The two-minute walk back to his house was dead silent as he stared blankly through the trees. This time, Billy didn’t sprint up the stairs at his house, but rather methodically placed one foot above the other as he made his way up to his bedroom.
Now that Billy’s human doll was dead, his sick mind turned to his infatuation with the porcelain doll on his bedroom shelf. Infatuation instantly turned to fear when he realized that the doll was missing. A faint sound of running water coming from the bathroom tub got Billy’s attention, and he slowly made his way in that direction. The second Billy stepped onto the bathroom tile, the running water stopped and the entire tub of water started to explode with bubbles.
Initially, there seemed to be nothing more than water in the tub, but then it slowly appeared through the bubbles. First, a soaking wet head of blonde hair broke the surface. Then, the rest of the porcelain doll gradually emerged. When the doll’s hands became visible, Billy saw the unthinkable. She was holding the rock. 

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