The Fortune Cookie

March 28, 2017
By IslandgirlLilly BRONZE, Cayman Islands, Michigan
IslandgirlLilly BRONZE, Cayman Islands, Michigan
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BEEP! Another car horn went off in the streets of New York City where my family and I have been waiting in traffic for over an hour.
I glance at my brother, Hunter who was impatiently waiting to reach our destination, our favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang’s.
For two years straight my family has developed a tradition where once every month, we go out to P.F Chang’s, The China Bistro.
“Emma,” my mom softly whispered. “Could you please call the restaurant and tell them we will be five minutes late?”
“Five minutes late?!” Hunter interrupted.
“Yes sweetie, according to Daddy’s GPS, we will be there in 5. Please wait patiently!” Mom replied.
“Yes mom,” I responded promptly as I dial the number on my phone.
  Five minutes later,  we finally reached the restaurant: “Woohoo, we made it on the dot!” Dad shouts with excitement.
Hunter quickly unbuckles his seatbelt and run towards the restaurant like a baseball player was making a home run. As I step out of the car, I could smell the delicious chinese food from the outside and imagined all of the tasty food being displayed tables.
My parents and I run up the stairs to catch up with Hunter since he was already inside and showing no patience towards us.
“MOM!” Hunter yells, Dewi says that we cannot get a table until you guys come, so hurry up!”
Dewi has been our waiter every time we come to P.F Chang’s. He is definitely our favorite staff member.
  “Good Evening and Welcome to P.F Chang’s! please follow me,”Dewi said.
When we arrived at the table, there was no need for Dewi to take out his check pad, as he knew my family’s traditional order.
“Alrighty folks, your food should be ready in fifteen minutes,” Dewi said cheerfully.
“Thanks Dewi!” We all answered together.
Right on time as Dewi predicted, the appetizing feast arrived after fifteen minutes. I couldn’t wait to gobble up the scrumptious Beef Lo Mein I ordered. I look over at Hunter’s meal, but it was no longer appetizing because half of it had been devoured. 
“Hunter, take it slow, we don’t want you to get sick” I said with a concerned voice.
“Whatever Em, I can’t help it, I’m starving” Hunter says with frustration.
After 30 minutes had passed all the food had been eaten and it was time for FORTUNE TELLER COOKIES! My family’s absolute favorite thing about coming to P.F. Chang’s as the tradition was the Fortune Cookies that came with mini messages inside.
While my dad was signing the check, Dewi handed out fortune teller cookies to us. As I reach into the box for a cookie Dewi says,
“Choose carefully because there are so many fortune messages you can receive for a special girl like you.”
As I grab the fortune, I look at Dewi and gave him a polite smile, as his warning made me feel strange. Dewi grinned back at me and collected the check from my dad.
“Okay guys, let’s open our fortune messages! Mom said with enjoyment. As I broke my cookie in half and read the message: "Your life's in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing…” I suddenly felt nauseous and my heart began pounding.
“What does your message say Emma?” Mom asked curiously.
“Nothing, I replied. I didn’t get one,” as I quickly shoved the threatening message in my pocket.
“Oh sweetie, I am sorry to hear, would you like another fortune cookie?” Dad says smiling at me. 
“No thanks, but before we leave, I need to use the bathroom.” As I quickly left my seat.
After closing the door behind me, my heart was still pounding. I reached into my pocket and read the threatening message again in disbelief:
As I looked down beneath the message, I realized there was an address written in small print: “1514 BLVD Brooklyn street”.
I thought to myself : “If I  go to that street, I could possibly find out exactly this scary message means and get answers!
Coming out of the restroom, I saw my family was ready to hit the road.
“Let’s go Mom and Dad, I am tired.” as I faked a big yawn. 
When we reached home, I quickly ran upstairs and closed my bedroom door. I had to get to the bottom of this. My plan was to sneak out of the house when everyone was sleeping and go to that address. 
“Mom? Dad? I yell from upstairs, I’m going to bed, I am very tired and need some rest.
“Okay Em, sleep well.”
“Love you! I shout,” slamming my door shut.
After two hours had passed, I tiptoed to my door and quietly opened it. The hallway was pitch dark and everyone was asleep.  It was the perfect time to go and solve this mysterious message. I slipped the message into my pocket, grabbed my phone and wallet, and headed for the front door.
While looking for a taxi, I felt bad for lying to my parents about the fortune message earlier on at dinner, but as soon as I was about to cry, I saw a bright yellow cab heading my way! I quickly swung up my arm, and yelled, “TAXI!”
As I step in the cab I asked promptly to the driver to take me to 1514 BLVD Brooklyn street.
“You betcha”, he says starting the car.
“So Miss, what are you doing up so late wanting to go to Brooklyn?” The man asked.
“Oh, I just couldn’t sleep and heard it was an interesting place to see.” I say nervously rubbing my palms together.
“Dang it! I said in my head, I lied again..”
When we reached the street, I quickly paid the taxi driver and ran up to the the 1514 BLVD Brooklyn Street sign.
The street was dark and lonely with little light. After walking down a few streets, I spotted a store. Prank Palace was the store title’s name. I stop and thought. “Could this fortune message be true? What if this is all a trick and just a dumb joke?” I asked myself with doubt. As I looked down at my phone it read, Friday April 1st, 2017. “Wait April 1st, isn’t today, APRIL FOOL’S?!” I shout with fury. This whole it was all a trick and just a stupid prank from Dewi! As I head for home, I take the silly message and shove it in my pocket. For the future, I will half to remember the date and watch out for April Fool’s.
When one month had passed, it was time for my family to go to P.F. Chang’s once again.
When we arrive, I go up towards Dewi and say,
“Dewi, I must give it to you, that was the best April Fool prank ever.” I said while shaking his hand with laughter.
“What are you talking about Emma?” Dewi says with confusion.
“Don’t be silly, you know what I mean.” I replied.
“Not ringing a bell Emma, sorry.” He said.
“Oh my gosh, the threatening fortune teller message?!” I say with an annoyed voice.
“I’m sorry Emma, I don’t know what you mean. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work.” As he walked away from me.
After eating dinner, I asked my parents if they could take me to the street where I got pranked to see if I could find the message that I left in the store. As my dad punches the address into the GPS it reads, “Location not available.”
“I’m sorry Emma, but the street is not appearing to the GPS.” My dad said in a soft voice.
“That’s ridiculous because I went there before and the location was available, try it again.” I said in a worried voice.
My dad punches in the code again and it still reads, “Location is not available.”
“Sorry Emma, but the address is not showing.” My dad repeated again.
“You know what Dad, that is okay, I remember what streets to drive through to reach the address.” I responded in a desperate voice.
“Okay, Em, show us the way.” My parents replied.
When we reached Brooklyn 1514 BLVD, Prank Palace, was nowhere to be found.

The author's comments:

When I was little, I always loved writting fiction stories. 
When I heard that my class was writting fiction short stories, I was so excited to create my own story once again. This inspirired me because it required me to use my imagination from within. 

I hope that after reading my story, people will understand that people don't need good fortunes, to tell them that they have a nice life. Sometimes what people are looking for is right infront of them. 

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