One Step Over the Horizon

March 26, 2017

What if one day you woke up in a world of no morals and all of your loved ones were ripped from your grasp, and you were left alone to fend for yourself against man’s worst enemy. Man itself. One day a narcissist named King Theodore Walsh gave a speech that would unlock a new age of blood-lust, heartache, and soon lead to the world’s kingdom come. He said “ I am your new god. Instead of leaving you human scum forsaken. I grant you all the power of gods.You are free to act on your own terms. There are no laws. There are no morals. There is only power!” These evil words he spoke would echo in my confused young mind like a broken record for years to come.   

My name is Julius the II. I was named after my loving father. Who I saw ripped apart by some no morals-junkie. It was a very cold winter night. The sewer waste dripped over his rotting corpse. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! This man, I mean animal who had just killed my father was too disoriented to even hear himself think. I killed that bastard and took his machete. I didn't even care that it was drenched in a bed of my father’s blood. At this point I was “reborn” into a bloodthirsty beast like my father’s killer. Everyone was destined to be “reborn” once Walsh gave his unholy speech. Either you were reborn or you died. My father only made it a month after hell broke loose. His death evolved my mentality so I could adapt to this new world. My motto is if you can’t beat them, join them.

You may ask what I was doing in the sewers. Well believe it or not, most of the rightfully minded people left in the world thought it was safe in the sewers. We thought none of those demons would ever venture into our half of the world. I had to learn the hard way that hiding is the easiest way to get killed in this new age of survival. There’s not many of those sewer dwellers left. Nowadays the best way to survive is to kill before being killed. I’m sure Walsh could have used that advice before the so called “human scum of this world” realized he wasn't a god, let alone a man. One hour after the outbreak he was found severely mutilated and left to bleed out and die. One day I met a rare breed of woman. I loved her so much I would even go back to being one of those pathetic sewer dwellers if it would make her happy. Her name was Nora. A red haired, short, fragile, and beautiful young women. Although she looked weak Nora was strong, not strong like me, I was really just a scared child killing one after the other. Her will was stronger than any man’s fist or sword. At first she wasn’t fond of my savage like self, but she grew to love me as I transformed into a more mature version of my old self. This was one of the only points in my life after the outbreak were I felt like I actually had a person to love. Nora had felt the same way about me as well. As I began to get to know her she told me she got separated from her mother when a band of raiders assaulted her house. She often told me of how she always wanted to see her mother Erza one last time. We searched every nook and cranny of the wastelands that was once man’s home, except now it was home do the devil's helpers. When we finally tracked her down she was not as Nora had described. I can still remember her description of her mother. “Her scarlet hair lit up rooms like the morning’s sun, like a fire that burnt a flame with beauty equal to that of stars, and a light that not even the water gods could put out. Her bright and sunny mood had been mutated and eclipsed by darkness. The constant thought of survival and death had turned her. She, like me had also been reborn. The only difference was Erza didn’t have anyone to guide her into the light like Nora did for me, only evil men to add to the amount of shadow blocking her heart. Erza didn’t even realize it was her daughter, she immediately knew she smelt blood and went after it. Erza took out a knife and charged at us. Nora then tackled her while I stood there shaking like the little boy I truly was. Suddenly Nora laid on top of her mother’s body limp. Blood spewing all over the floor and Erza released a blood curdling screech signaling she was coming for me next. I finally took action and ripped her apart with my machete. It was like deja vu as I shredded her to to small bloody pieces. Now I went back to being like that man that killed my father. If only I was the one who talked Erza, Nora would still be alive. I finally realized how much of a coward I really was.

Nora died because I didn't take action when she was in danger. Again I stood motionless as one of my loved ones were in danger. It was my dad’s death all over again. Again I would hide this feeling of loss with anger and bloodlust. I would burry these memories into the deepest depths of my soul, where they would be locked there for the rest of my life.

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