Chi Omega

March 19, 2017
By shylah_lanai56 BRONZE, Tulalip, Washington
shylah_lanai56 BRONZE, Tulalip, Washington
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“Welcome to Chi Omega at Rossington Private College! Were happy to have you here!” Is the words that these eleven girls never thought they’d here, but here they are at Chi Omega having the time of their lives making best friends with each other. It was sophomore year around mid-terms so all the girls wanted to go get a coffee and go to the study hall, “Ashley, you going?” They said. And Ashley said,
“no, thanks for asking, but i’ll study here! But make sure you bring me an Iced Mocha!”
They said, “Okay, text me your order so I won’t forget it!”   So the girls go to the study hall and study their guts out, their first mid-term they have together so they all studied together for it, it was an American history midterm, and the teacher was very strict, so they were studying hard for a good three hours. During the three hours Ashley was studying at home also, she suddenly got a tickle in her nose and she sneezed three times, after she was done sneezing she got a phone call, in that phone call someone said,
“Bless you.” Before she could even say
“who is this the phone hung up.” she immediately grabbed her stuff and ran out of the house, she saw someone and he started chasing her, she got chased into the woods and got stabbed eight times and he made it look like a T. When the girls get back Chantel says,
“ Ashley were home with your iced mocha!” and Ashley gave no response. So Chantel says in a worried voice
“Ashley are you up there?” and still no response. So Chantel goes up to Ashley’s room to go check on her, and saw that there was no Ashley, so they start to get worried, Chantel starts calling her phone, and Maddie starts texting her, both, no response, so maddie goes to look for her in the woods, she yells,
“Ashley! Ashley where are you?! Ashley this isn't funny! Ashley come on this isn't a game anymore! Ashley were worried!” And then she feels something at her foot, she looks down with her phone with her flashlight with her phone and sees Ashley dead and starts screaming bloody murder. Then suddenly someone comes and grabs her from the back, and covers up her mouth. No one could hear her, she knew that. So she tried her best to fight him off, but, it was such a struggle she ended up getting a T stabbed into her as well. The day was passing by so quickly that the girls went to sleep thinking that they'd have Maddie and Ashley back home safe by morning. So they woke up and went to go look if any of them were in their rooms, but they weren't. So they called the cops. After about five hours of looking, putting up signs, and worrying. They were found, dead! After that everyone was so worried, they were wondering who was the killer? Who could've done this to these two hard working, sweet, gorgeous, incredible people?!
After lots of deciding and wondering, Emily decides to leave Chi Omega. She didn’t feel safe at Chi Omega, she just wanted to be at home, and it wasn’t that far from college either so she thought it would be best for her. After shes done packing, she goes and puts everything in her car. She was bringing out her last box and Trent Williams ? walks up to Emily.
“Hi, you must be, Chantel’s boyfriend right? Isn't it Trent? Trent Williams right?”
“Yes, thats me, Trent Williams ?. You must be Emily right?”
“Yep that's m,” and before she could even say “me!” Trent stabs her out of nowhere!  Trent starts running and Emily starts screaming bloody murder. Chantel hears her and sprints outside to see if she was okay.
“CALL 911! SOMEBODY CALL 911!” Jennifer calls 911 and they get Emily to the hospital. She ends up surviving and police come in to ask her questions.
“Do you know who stabbed you?” Emily responded
“Yes.” they asked
“Who stabbed you?” Emily responded,
“He said his name was Trent Williams ?.”  Then the last question the police asked was,
“What does he look like?” Emily answered,
“ He is about 6’4, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and is middle between being chubby and being skinny.”

Soon after the news got out and everyone, and everyone was on lookout for him, he was found. He got found in a forest miles away from town. Someone anonymously put in a report that said,
“ There was a weird looking man with dirty blonde hair walking around in the forest.”
They went and looked and found him right where the anonymous person reported him. He was found guilty and charged with two counts of second degree murder. And put in prison for life.
“EEEEEOOHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOO” is what was the only thing that was heard in prison the day that Trent Williams was murdered in prison. The sirens rang so loud people from miles away could hear it. “What is that?” They thought. Then on the news it said,
“All we know about this prison break in, is that three officer have died and one prisoner has also died.” The girls looked online to see if any other channels knew who died and one said,
“Prisoner who was found dead by prison break in confirmed as Trent Williams ?.” Chantel started to cry. She was so overwhelmed, she didn’t know how to react. First she found out her soul mate was a serial killer, now just two weeks later she finds out he died because of a prison outbreak. It was to much for her, she had to drop out of college and come back the next year to retake those classes.
“We will forever be worried, there will always be someone out there that’s crazy so be careful!”
Was the words of wisdom for Chantel, as being the teacher for law enforcement.

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