March 16, 2017


She was always so bright and happy. She was never sad or down. Always excited to try and discover new things with the peers around her. Playful and wild . Never letting a single soul down when offered help from her. Smiles and laughs that would just brighten someone's whole mood. Everyone saw her as this beautiful soul that was just hard to love. She was willing to do anything to help out or to make someone's day. We thanked and thanked her everyday for everything that she’s done in the community and  throughout the school. She cheered on anyone at school rallies and games. She volunteered for almost anything. Words sometimes couldn't describe her.
No one could ever replace that girl. It was so hard to believe that someone could even hate her. It was all so questionable could all of the happiness have caused someone to commit such a crucial crime to such an innocent girl. She was kidnapped and murdered. She had went missing after volunteering for a school play. Her parents had arrived to pick her up and she was not in sight. They asked and asked everyone , no one knew a single detail it was all so fast. Months and months passed , searches continued. After months and months evidence was finally found. An old man 60 years of age living only blocks away had taken her , beaten and killed her inside of his home. Devastated the parents were finally relieved that the criminal was found. He was charged and sentenced to life in prison or until death. We will never forget the wonderful, life of a beautiful young girl , Cheery.

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