my name is rain!

March 3, 2017
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Hello my name is rain. I am a demonic werewolf from Sydnie Australia. I wonder the deserted roads searching for love, food and protection. My stomach growls in hunger.  My bones weaken with every step. I lay down in the sand wondering if this is the day I die. Then I get waken up by some people driving in a yellow jeep wrangler. They stop and ask me if I need help. I look at them with a stern look, nodding my head yes. I open the back seat door and get in. Their seats are light brown and leather. They introduce themselves, the drivers name is carrel. Carrel has blonde curly hair and her voice is very soft. Her boyfriend which is in the passenger seat says his name is Hawk. Hawk has long brown hair, hairy body, and has a very deep voice. “What’s your name?” Hawk asks. I grip my stomach tightly. “I am Rain. Is there any food out here?” “Here you must be very hungry.” Hawk gives me uncooked steak. I eat it fast. He then looks at me very concerned. “You know that was raw right?” “Yea it was really good thank you.” “No problem.” “Uh so where are you going anyway?” Carrel asks. “I am going to the forest.” “What’s there?” “Meat, food and a place to sleep.” After about an hour we come to a paved road. “Well here’s where you get off.” My eyes widen. “Where’s the woods?” “About a mile west.” I get out and start running west. I then come across some very tall trees. I run past the trees running into a forest. I see a rabbit hopping and I grab it. I throw it in the air and catch it with my teeth. I rip it to shreds. “That was good” I continue running and I see a road. I look at the sign. “this isn’t a forest.” I say to myself angrily. I stare at it for a few hours. Then a lady comes up to me. “Excuse me sir but are you lost?” there is no answer. “Excuse me sir?” as she pauses and slowly puts her hand on my shoulder. I slowly turn around with pitch black eyes I stare at her and whisper “run while you still have the chance.” She screams and starts sprinting down the path. I slowly walk the other way without turning back. The smell of fear makes me go crazy I switch forms and howl. My body shifts to a black smoky wolf with red eyes. I hear people further up ahead. I continue to walk slowly. I know stand face to face with Hawk and Carrel as they are in a different form as well. “We will take back this sacred ground.” “I didn’t know you guys were wolves too.” I say surprised. Carrel leads as me and Hawk walk on each side of her. We hear people and we all take cover. They walk closer and we jump out and bite one of their necks. Hawk and carrel do the same. After they are dead we growl at one of the surviving humans. We slowly walk towards her and we all attack her. Then bang! Carrel gets shot Hawk jumps at the man. The man throws him off and kicks him. I switch to human. I tackle the man to the ground violently hitting him left and right breaking his jaw. I then bash his head INTO THE GROUND. I QUICKLY RUN TO Hawk he switches to human form coughing up blood. “rain.” He whispers. “I’m not gonna make It.” He takes out something from his pocket. “Open your hand.” I open my hand and he puts a sharp tooth in my hand. Then he stops breathing. I look at him with my head down. Then more people show up, I attack and I get pulled off. “Were gonna kill you.” The men throw me up to a tree, I hit my back. I fall on my stomach and try to get back up, but one of the men kicks me in the jaw. They start stomping on me to the point where I stopped breathing.  

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