The 13th

February 27, 2017
By Evan.S BRONZE, Summerfield, North Carolina
Evan.S BRONZE, Summerfield, North Carolina
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Veni, vidi, vici , I came, I saw, I conquered.

“Mom,” Jack mumbled, “I forgot my homework at school.”

“Really,” his mom said as she turned the car around. “This is the second time this week, and your going back to get it.” “I know,” Jack mumbled. Jack hated his new school, Mendenhall Middle, his teachers, his smelly locker, and especially the overload of homework he got on Fridays. He was in 8th grade, with many students who didn't care about school. When they got to the school, Jack got out of the car. The old school loomed over him as he walked inside. Inside he immediately realized something was wrong. The people in the office were not there and the door was opened. Weird, Jack thought, usually they locked the door. As he walked down the eerie hallways, he noticed that it was darker than usual. Huh, he thought, it is only 4 o'clock. As he got to the classroom he noticed that all the desks were flipped over except his. By now he was getting quite scared. He went to his desk and got his paper and ran as fast as he could to the front of the building but didn’t quite get there. While running he heard a locker door slam and looked back and tripped.

  He fell to the ground next to a newspaper. The paper was old and read daily news 1956. Before he could read it a locker opened and slammed shut. All jack wanted now was to get home. Suddenly, all the lockers started opening and slamming shut. They were so loud Jack just wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. Then the pain started coming more and more as the lockers got louder and louder. The pain grew even more until the lockers grew quieter. The lockers hadn’t stopped, but the noise was still there. Thinking he’d gone deft, he reached for his ears and felt a liquidy substance...... blood. Now, on the floor, crying from his eyes and bleeding from his ears,

"STOP!!"Jack screamed. It stopped, Jack lay on the floor crying for some time after the lockers stopped. Though he was scared he still was curious about the news paper since it was currently 2006. He painfully moved towards the newspaper and read it. Most of the paper was about random stuff, but there was one article that stuck out to him. The article read: “Mendenhall Middle,12 students killed by Elizabeth Bathory who later killed herself,The investigation is still in progress, and no motives are found, beside insanity.” Jack got up off the floor and froze.

Down the hall was a dark haired women  hung by her neck. The rope seeming to go infinitely into the dark, empty hole in the ceiling. Before Jack could let out a scream, long, black tendrils came out of the dark hole and yanked the body into the darkness. Jack was petrified. After a while he slowly, but painfully got up. He looked behind him and there was absolute darkness, and in front of him all the doors were closed except the one under the dark hole from which the woman was hung. He slowly crept towards it trying every door but....that one. They were all locked. He ran through the door going under the darkness as fast as he could but he still caught a glimpse of the inside of the darkness. there were faces....many of them.

As he got into the room he looked around. all the desks were upright with a newspaper on each of them, the same one Jack found. On the old wall were clocks, 12 of them, all stuck on the same time, 2:34. there was not a computer nor projector. He was about to leave when the lights went out. Jack screamed until they came on. the clocks were all broken and on the ground now at 12 and on the wall written was 1956 in fresh blood, seeping down the wall. There was also a hole in the wall....and through it he could see his car.

He started running and then sprinting towards the car. his mom stepped out and now Jack was crying with joy. When he got to the car he hugged his mom."Mom" jack said " lets get out of here." he waited for a couple of seconds and finally his mom said " Okay I'll get you out of here as fast as I can" said his mom, but it was not Jack's mom. A shrill shriek pierced the air as Elizabeth Bathory claimed her 13th victim.

The author's comments:

I am 13 and I wrote this for school. The genre is more of a horror book( if you find it scary). What inspired me to write this was the real killings and school. I hope you enjoy -Cyot0 (not my real name)

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