February 15, 2017

So one day in a place called tokyo a human breed called ghouls infested this world. They eat

human beings and so more and more people got killed and eaten. But one kid got into an accident where the only way to

save his life so he was given

ghoul powers. Some people and ghouls will try to hunt him down he must survive both. but to


he must embrace his ghoul side he later got captured by the evil ghouls. One of the

strongest member from a ghoul organization captured chained and tortured him by ripped his toes

off each time. but because of his regenerative powers and he keeped ripping and pulling ripping and

pulling until he stopped and later came out with two hostages who were his friends and asked him who would die he could not

choose and he killed them both he started screaming more and more until. He later pulled out a red faced

Centipede and was going to put in his ear he screamed And the screaming finally. he stopped and

Just then he saw

the ghoul he got his powers from and she said his friend was going to die because he can't protect him his powers were finally awoken and he fought until he finally

beat him and then he ate him alive  and he was free but out into the war and all his friends

were fighting. On the battlefield he was fighting one after another people died then one of the ghoul

hunters came to investigate 

so he headed towards the battle he helped his friend by beating one of the ghoul    

Members on his way to the final battle he saw his best friend bleeding out with the amount of blood loss

he died when he died something snapped in him he lost control of his ghoul powers he broke into

a prison killing and eating the guards and setting free the evil ghouls  the ghoul powers corrupted

And turned him evil someone fought him and stopped him and he ran away to live for another day

the next day he came back to the battlefield after he healed to go to the final battle

And saw his dead friend he wrapped cloth around him and walked with him to the final battle the humans

and ghouls stop fighting and see him carry his dead friend  the strongest ghoul hunter he has ever met

And in the fight he had his eyes gouged out and badly beat he had lost the final fight the war was over

but he was still alive with the loss of his friends family and his identity he did not know who he was

He did not know what he was doing and he became a ghoul hunter until the day he meets

his friends ether as enemies or friends.

The End

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