The Note That Said It All

February 10, 2017

A loud knock wakes me from my sleep. I roll out of bed and answer the door, finding nothing there but a single sheet of paper. On that piece of paper it says that I have won a contest, but I don’t remember entering a contest. I read on and it says that I have won a trip to a cabin in the woods for a week. The trip is free and includes all you can eat and drink. Attached are directions to the cabin. I am a little skeptical about going. Maybe it’s a fake contest. The free trip starts Friday, which is only three days away.

I take all three days to think about it and decide to go just to see if it is real or fake. Who knows? It could be real and I could go on vacation. As I head to the cabin, I start getting anxious about going because the road you have to drive down is a long, dark, dirt road in the middle of the woods. As I pull up to the cabin, it looks like it is about to fall apart. When I go inside the cabin and start looking around, I think to myself that this is a really big cabin for one person. Just then, I hear some noise coming from outside.  I look out the window and see a white SUV parked right behind my car. I step onto the porch, and the driver introduces herself. “My name is Brittney.” I respond, “My name is Chris. May I ask why you are here?” Brittney says that she found a letter stuck to her car window--the exact same letter I had received.

All of the sudden we hear a roaring in the distance, so Brittney and I run in the cabin quickly. We both have our heads smashed up against windows, scouting the area. Suddenly out of nowhere, five more cars show up. The drivers all get out and introduce themselves--Tyler, Evan, Ravyn, Savanna, and Sarah.  The weird thing is that we all have the exact same letter in the same handwriting. We all go inside the cabin and put up our clothes and other necessities.  Brittney and Sarah become friends as soon as they meet, so they decide to share a room. Everybody else in the cabin has his or her own bedroom. By the time everybody gets settled, it is already late, so we decide to go to bed.

The next morning I am the first one out of bed. I cook enough bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes for everyone. The sweet aroma of food calls the group into the kitchen. But where is Evan? All of his things are in his bedroom but he is nowhere to be found.

Two hours pass and Evan is still missing. We decide to go on a hike through the woods looking for him. We get some supplies from the cabin and head out the door. As we enter the woods, it is bright with sunlight; but the deeper we go into the woods, the darker it is getting. We are all pretty exhausted from walking through the woods for four hours looking for Evan, so we decide to lay down for the night.

I wake up to a noise in the woods and I realize Tyler is missing. So I wake everybody up and we start our search again. Only now we are looking for two people!

The walk through the woods is getting creepier and creepier. The sun begins to rise, and we still have not found Tyler.

The day gets hotter as we keep walking through the woods. The dreadful sun is killing us. Late that afternoon, we find a good spot under some shade trees to camp. In the middle of the night, I wake to a scream and see Brittney and Sarah dragging Ravyn through the woods.  I wake up Savanna and tell her to run.  She does and so do I. When I finally stop running, I can still hear Ravyn screaming. I find a tree and try to climb it, but I can’t. I can’t run anymore either. I hear someone coming, so I hide. I peek out of the bushes, but it is only Savanna. I whisper to her, and she joins me in my hiding place.

We find a spot to lie for the rest of the night. I wake up the next morning, upside-down, hanging from my feet. I see Ravyn, Savanna, Tyler and Evan all tied up, too. I ask them where they have been, and they say, “This is where Brittney and Sarah brought all of us.” We hear a noise coming from outside and Brittney and Sarah enter the room.

Evan asks, “Why are you doing this?”

They both reply, “We both got bullied during our high school career, and all of y’all were bullies.”

Evan says, “How did y’all know we were bullies in high school?”

They reply, “Because it’s all over the internet.”

I ask, “How did you know we were going to be out here?”

Brittney says, “Because we were the people that sent the letters to y’all. Since we were bullied and y’all were bullies, I am going to return the favor and bully y’all for a change.”

Brittney and Sarah leave for a little while, but we know they are coming back. I try to untie my feet, but I can’t with just my hands. I need a knife. Evan has a knife in his pocket,but he can’t get it because his hands are tied up. Tyler’s hands and feet are tied to a pole, and his hands are duct taped around each other. He works his hands out of the duct tape, but he can’t get his feet untied.

We hear Brittney and Sarah coming back, and we all get scared about what they are going to do to us. As they walk in, the room grows silent. Tyler screams like a little girl and when I look at him, Brittney is holding a gun to his head.

Tyler begs, “Please don’t shoot me!” The last thing I hear is a “boom”.  Then, blood and brains splatter all over the wall.

Brittney goes to Evan, and Evan starts trying to hit the gun out of her hand, but Brittney pulls the trigger. Then, Sarah gets the gun and shoots Ravyn in the stomach to make her suffer. She does the same thing to Savanna. They save me for last.  As I stare into the barrel of the gun, Brittney pulls the trigger….

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