November 2, 2016
By Anonymous

As I opened the door to an abandoned house in my neighbor-hood, I started to think this may not have been a good idea. I got furious with myself for wanting to turn back, and forced myself into the house to explore. My black hair and dark brown eyes helped me camouflage into the shadows. If it weren’t for my light grey hoodie and blue sweat pants, I would have been nearly invisible.
“This is just disgusting” I say. There were spider-webs everywhere; so I had to constantly duck to avoid all the webs. I took off my glasses and cleaned them because dust had been collecting on them. Walking past an old dusty mirror, I knew I would have to wash my hair because it had so much dust in it.
I continued to journey through the house, my heart pounded. I walked into the kitchen, and checked the cabinets and drawers to see if anyone might live there. I figured not, but if someone did, I hoped they weren’t home. Suddenly I hear shshshhh and look up from searching the cabinets. Shshshhh. I jerked around, but saw nothing. I assumed some papers fell over, so I continued to search, but found nothing. I searched through stacks of papers and heard something again. I turned around, to see a shadow bolt across the room. I thought I was just seeing things, so I continued to search through the papers. However, I was ready to make a break towards the door if need be. Out of nowhere, I felt a warm sensation down my back and it felt really uncomfortable and weird. I jumped around to find an old man standing there. He looked at least six feet tall as he was standing over me. I was ready to run straight for the door, but the man was blocking the only path to it.
“H-hello, I’m J-J-Justin, sorry for intruding!” I said trying to speak to the old man
“GET OUT…NOW!” the old man whispered
“I really didn’t mean intrude. I was just curious, I mean everyone at school always talks about this place.” I say, as I try move around the man.
I had no idea where the man came from. I jumped back, and not a second later, the glass from the cabinets fell and shattered. The glass fell against my arms, and legs. I let out a small scream of pain as the glass fell on me.
The old man was trying to tell me something, so I listened closely to what he was trying to say.
“Go away” the old man whispered
As the old man tried to speak to me, I paid no attention. At the moment my eyes were drawn to the gold sword he was holding. The blade was as long as my arm. The old man clearly planned to dice me up. The man looked old and fragile, so I decided to charge him with all my weight, forcing him to stumble. He was sturdier than I had thought, but I still managed to knock him off balance. The man fell against the kitchen counter, making a loud CRASH! I bolted past him and ran straight out the front door, and continued to run all the way home. When I got home, I ran quickly up to my room. I slammed the door, and locked it. After I started to calm down, I decided that when my family got home, I would tell them about my crazy adventure to the abandoned house in the neighbor-hood, and how I nearly escaped getting diced up by a six-foot giant that carried a gold sword as long as my arm. They probably won’t believe me though.

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