Your greatest fear may come to life

November 2, 2016
By , Louisville, KY
Henry was a little brown haired blue eyed boy from Oregon. He had moved in with his grandma Ova last fall after the death of his family. They had been killed by a drunk driver when headed home late one night. Since they died Henry has had a hard time adjusting to his life without them.  Henry kept to himself most days and didn’t have many friends.
One Friday at school the kids were talking about a local Halloween party. He wanted to go, but feared he wouldn’t fit in.  His grandma told him he should get out of the house and make some new friends. So, Henry decided to go to the party and make the best of it.  After school Henry came straight home and rushed to get his costume on.
At around 7:30 p.m. Henry kissed his grandma good-bye and headed to the party. As Henry was walking down the street he felt as if the houses were watching him, but it wasn’t the houses, it was something much worse. He walked father down the street and began picking up his pace.  As he walked he felt chills go down his spine and eyes hovering over him.
He then heard a strange scrapping sound from behind him. He started to run as the sound got closer and closer. He heard something smack the ground. He turned around. Before him laid a pumpkin. He looked around and saw another, and another. The pumpkins turned towards him and now had faces. Not just any faces, but faces that looked almost human. They began to move towards him. He turned to run, but the pumpkins had surround him. Each pumpkin with a more terrifying face, some even had teeth. Pumpkins at the homes farther down the street descended upon him. He began running down the street to get away, as far away as he could, but they followed him. This terrified him because he had been afraid of pumpkins ever since he was young and had been plagued with nightmares. 
He got a good mile down the street when he saw the trees that outlined the dark forest. He decided to run inside. Hoping he would lose the pumpkins, he headed to the outline of the trees. Once Henry got into the forest he looked behind him and the pumpkins were gone, as if he had imagined it all. He heard a brittle voice calling out “Help!” “Help me!” so Henry looked around. He could not explain what appeared before his eyes, he saw the ghost of a girl. She was so small and frail. She wore a pretty green dress and had pigtails held up by bows. As soon as she saw him, she disappeared. Henry had never seen anything like this before, but he didn’t fear her. A feeling of peace came over him.
Henry continued the path through the dark, damp forest, feeling as if a million little eyes were watching him. He continued through the forest as he felt chills course down his spine once more. He looked around and found nothing. Henry was terrified the pumpkins had once again found him, he started picking up the pace again, going faster down the forest path. Henry hoped to find his way back to the party before it was over.
He finally made his way out of the forest and back to the path headed for the party. As Henry, advanced down the street he got closer to the old cemetery where he used to go to draw pictures of his family. He would go there to be alone and draw pictures to remember them. Normally Henry would feel sad when approaching the cemetery, but not this night. This night, he felt a strange but welcoming feeling. As if he were safe and loved.
He finally got to the cemetery and sat down on one of the old tombstones. He sat there slowing his breath. Trying to rationalize all that he had saw. Could it all have been real? He just couldn’t wrap his mind around what had happened. He thought about it a bit, saying to himself he must have been hallucinating.
As he sat there, he felt as if there was another presence near him. So, he looked around and saw nothing at first. Out of nowhere, there stood the little girl in the green dress. She was kneeled beside him crying.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“I’m tired of being alone. I’ve been alone for so long.” She replied.
Troubled by her answer, he asked “What’s your name?”
  She replied “My name is Rose. What’s your name?”
With a low voice, he replied, “I’m Henry and if you want I can come visit you here from now on so that you’re not alone anymore?
In such a low voice, he barely heard her, she said, “Don’t bother you’re not leaving so I’ll never be alone again.”
As she said that, he felt a chill down his spine one last time. “Rose what’s going on?” he asked.
“I saw you walking along the street, when a car jumped the curb and hit you” she quietly answered.
“I no longer wanted to be alone and there you were so lost and confused” she said.
Before Henry could understand what had happened to him the little girl scared him all the way to the cemetery. 
He was dead and was trapped there with Rose, for as long as she wanted him to be. As he realized his fate he screamed in terror. Henry stood looking around at what seemed to be his eternal resting place. He saw his dead lifeless body laying by a tree, where the driver had laid him and realized she had been luring him there the entire time.

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