Where'd She Go?

October 25, 2016

Courtney wakes up to a knocking on the door. On her way downstairs she realizes she is the only person at her house, which is weird because she had Diana over to spend the night. She opens the door to Diana’s parents, asking where she is. Courtney was wondering the same thing as Diana’s parents. Courtney and Diana have been best fiends since they were 5. 
While she is depressed about Diana being gone she started thinking about how she is 16 years old, with long, straight, blonde hair, she skinny, with blue eyes, and perfect clear skin.
Diana, Courtney's best friend was also 16, with short, curly, black hair, short, medium build, with brown eyes, and clear skin. Courtney and Diana are perfect best friends, they always hang out, and get along well.
They live in New York, in a neighborhood.They only live two houses away from each other. Courtney moved in the neighborhood when she was four and a half, Diana moved moved in when she was five, which was half a year after, but since Diana moved in they have been best friends, ever since! Then she came back into reality.
“COURTNEY, COURTNEY, are you listening to me?” asked Diana’s mom confused.
“Sorry I just blanked out, is Diana at your house?” answered Courtney.
“Well I do not know what happened to her, but I want to find her as soon as possible,” Courtney answers to Diana’s parents.
“Maybe the fastest way to find her is calling the police. They will come over and you can explain everything,” says Diana’s father, who was very upset.
Kaliani walked into the house, coming home from a friends house.
Then Kalinani,“Have you seen Diana? Me and Ethan have been looking for her all night!”
“How did you know that she was not at our house anymore?” questioned Courtney.
“Because Ethan was facetiming her last night, and all of a sudden we heard the window sliding up, and then she hung up very fast, then would not answer anything, when we were facetiming you were asleep,” Ethan said sounding very scared.
“But I am almost 100 percent sure that all doors and windows were locked all night, because we were home alone,” said Courtney very cautiously.
Seems like she is scared that someone else is in the house beside Kaliana, Diana’s parents, and Courtney.
“Maybe the windows, oh, there are the cops,” said Diana’s mom surprised.
The cops walked up to the door, and had everyone come into Courtney Davenport's house,  “So we're just going to ask some pretty regular questions, okay?” said one cop who seemed very nice.
“So, what's her full name, where were you guys last night, who all was with you, and were all the doors and windows locked?”questioned the police.
“Diana Raven, we were here at my house, it was just Diana and I, and I am pretty sure that the doors and windows were locked,” answered Courtney.
“Is it alright if we look around your house?” asked the cops.
“Yes, that is totally fine, and you can go anywhere. We slept upstairs in the living room, if that helps you at all,” answered Courtney.
Kaliani had a crazy idea, that they should check her phone to see if she received any text messages or calls from a weird number, or any threats. So Kaliani and Courtney walked up the stairs and found her phone plugged into the charger, trying to remember Diana’s phone password she typed in 6740 then realized that her password was her address which would be 1580, she got into her phone.
“What is it?” asked Kaliani.
“It says… Diana you better make sure all the windows and doors are locked at Courtney’s house tonight,” Courtney read aloud from Diana’s phone.
“Let me see that right now, do not touch anything that could be evidence, like who the blocked person could be,” said the police in a very serious voice.
Courtney started crying because it was official she had been taken, she didn't just sneak out, which Courtney thought was possible, but since she saw that text she knew it wasn’t just her sneaking out. Diana’s parents went home to see if anything was suspicious.
“ I may have an idea who could be texting Diana the threatening text messages, it could be her ex-boyfriend, because she just broke up with him, and he did not take it very well,” Kaliani said.
“Well, we will take Diana’s phone back to the police station, and have our tech worker figure out who sent her those texts, and where they sent them from. We should know who sent these texts, while we are investigating, it would be helpful if you could stay at a friends house, and for no one to come in and out of this house until we say you can come back here. We will have our investigating team come and look for evidence, like windows being open, and finger prints on the window,” answered the police.
“Okay, do you think i should pack clothes, or should i just go straight to my friends house?” asked Courtney.
The cops were worrying about the investigation right now and totally ignoring Courtney and Kaliani, so they decided to go on a walk. There was not much talking between them, because he knew not to bug her, when her best friend had just got kidnapped. But of course he had to bring up Diana.
“So, why do you think Diana was kidnapped?” asked Kaliani.
Courtney just ignored him, because she knew that if she were to talk about her best friend going missing, she would start bawling, because she already missed her. She thinks Diana getting kidnapped was her fault, because she did not make sure that all the windows and doors were locked, she just assumed that she had all her doors and windows would be locked.Diana was already with her, and Kaliani was already with Ethan before her parents went on their yearly trip. So she was pretty confident that her parents had already made sure they locked all the windows and doors. As Courtney and Kaliani were getting back from their walk, the cops were walking out of their house, and they posted a sign on the front door, back door, and all the windows, but one. Courtney was very confused why there was not a sign on that window, but she knew not to touch anything.
“The cops will probably get back with us at the end of the day tomorrow with all the information.” Courtney said with tears in her eyes.
“ Well i’m going to Ethan’s, do you want me to walk you somewhere?” asked Kaliani.
“No, I’m fine, I’m just going to go down to Diana’s house and stay there,” answered Courtney.      
Courtney was knocking on the door, as she saw the police at her house, They were looking around, and she decides to walk do to her house to see what's going on.
“Excuse me, you can not be here. Even if you live here, you CANNOT be here right now!” The cops yelled from a distance.
“Please, she was my best friend and I want to know everything you guys know. PLEASE, I’m begging you?” Courtney says as she starts tearing up.
“I do not care, you will never know as much as we know, you need to leave NOW, we are protecting you and her family by you not knowing everything that is going on. You would not want to know what has happened to her,” The main cop stepped in and said.
“You guys know where she is right now? You cannot keep this from her family! They need to know. Thats their daughter, Diana means the world to them. You can not hold that from them,” Courtney yelled to the cops.
“Don't worry, we have cops there telling her parents what is happening, I CANNOT share that information with you,” The main cop says as he's walking away.  
“Can you please just tell me if she is alive or not?” asked Courtney.
“We do not even know if she is dead, she may be dead, we do not know because of what happened recently she may be dead. We will let her family know as soon as we know. But we do think we know who stole her, and who is doing all this bad stuff to her,” another cop said to Courtney.
“Is it alright if i take a walk around my house?” Courtney asked.
“NO YOU MAY NOT WALK AROUND YOUR HOUSE. You need to listen to us, it may be tempting to walk around to see what's going on, but do not take a walk. PLEASE,”
Courtney started walking toward Diana’s house, and she looked back and saw something on the ground. She sprinted like she has never sprinted before over to Diana’s parents and motioned for them to follow her. She turned around and started to sprint over to the thing on the ground. She looked down and started screaming, the loudest she has ever screamed in her life. Cops are running back, and they started yelling.
“ Courtney, we told you not to come back here, and we meant it,”
“I was not going to until I turned around and saw something that fell out the window that was open,” Courtney started bawling.
“This is why we told you not to come back here. We have all the information together, we know who killed her, and from what it looks like, she was killed, then got thrown out the window,” the main cop blurts out.
“Who killed her? I want to know right now,” Courtney said very demanding.
“Honestly you should already know. It is very obvious, so just think, because I cannot tell you who it was until it gets out. I am very sorry,” the head cop said.
“Was it her ex-boyfriend because I think that they were fighting right before she came over, and she asked me for help, but did not say who she was talking about. But i saw his name in her recent text messages,” Courtney said trying to remember what exactly happened that night.
“Was her ex-boyfriend's name Samuel? That is who killed her. He stabbed her in the heart, then took the knife out and shoved her out the living room upstairs window. Which means he must have had a lot of problems with her, because no man would go through that much trouble unless there is a lot of beef between them,” the cop said with a lot of passion.
The next day, the paper was on Courtney’s door step as she was coming home from a school meeting, talking about the death of Diana. Courtney knew it was coming, but she did not want to read it because she hated talking about her best friend's death. Which is understandable, but she should still keep the letter, in memory. So, she kept the paper in a box of all the memories with Diana. Like pictures, concert tickets, and so many more memories. She put it all in a box, and put ribbon around the box, to keep it safe, and set it on a shelf that had a picture of her and Diana at their first concert. Courtney definitely missed her best friend, and missed doing everything with her, which is why Samuel hated Courtney because Diana put her before him and it made him mad. Samuel got caught, and is in jail for his whole life because of how he killed Diana.  

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