the unbitten

November 3, 2016
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The unbitten


Once not long ago there was a small little family. There was a father, His name was George. He was forty-seven years old. There was a mother she was beautiful and tall, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was Gracie. She was the same age as her husband. They had a total off three kids. The oldest was a male named Roger. He was the emo gothic type of teenager. He dressed in all black and listened to rock music most of the time. Roger was eighteen years old. The middle child was slightly younger then the oldest Roger. She was a sixteen-year-old female. She looked similar to her mother, but dressed very differently of course. She was about all pink, all the time. The youngest daughter was Annabelle. She was far different from her sister and mother. She had more of her father’s traits, she had dark raven hair and hazel eyes. She was far different from the rest of her family too, but this wasn’t your ordinary family it may appear to be. They are a family of blood sucking vampires. The thing is they aren’t normal vampires either. They all have their own “special abilities”
Roger by far had the best abilities of his siblings, Roger could shape shift. He could also steal any of his families’ abilities whenever he pleased, but the thing about his ability is that its time limited. His stolen power lasts for about two to three hours before it goes back to the power source he stole it from. Cassandras ability was that she could turn invisible, the thing with Cassandra is that she couldn’t control her powers as well as the others without the help of her mother. Last but not least is young Annabelle. Her special ability is that she can teleport at any time she’d like. The older you get and the more you grow the more power you will get. Now as for the parents, they have all of their children’s abilities. They are known as the Caperson family. They created a legacy in a small little town called heeling burg. In that small town there were rules set in place. And well, let’s just say the Caperson family could never follow rules. Nobody else knows about them; they sort of live a doubled life. In Heeling burg they are known as the sweet little family from Cincinnati, Ohio who were poor the at some point became wealthy over the years as citizens in Heeling burg.
The father George had many different mental disorders. This made him some would call, insane, paranoid, and well just flat out deranged and psychotic. This man was so twisted and power hungry he would eventually end up “killing” off his sons and daughters. Why did he do this? He did this by taking apart certain parts of their bodies to create new versions with their abilities and even more then their abilities then they had. The mother or the rest of the family knew nothing of this evil. One foggy night the family was at their sanctuary, the grave yard. They would always meet their when they thought there was trouble brewing.
Roger stood across from his mother and sisters and began to mutter “So we have a problem here don’t we? Dads late night phone calls, the secret meetings, everyone in our family mysteriously dying…”
Cassandra yelled out loud “How dare you accuse our father of such unspeakable crimes!”
Gracie sat there with tears, listening to her children argue back and forth before interrupting “ENOUGH! I won’t hear anymore of this nonsense!” Gracie stood up and walked away from Roger.
Annabelle stood there with confusion all over her face, unsure of what was even going on and she whispered in Cassandra’s ear and said “is daddy a bad man? Is he a killer? Did he do it?”
Cassandra sighed and whispered back “Let’s get you home, it’s getting late belle.”
Annabelle nodded and left the graveyard with Cassandra.
Then there was Roger, standing there all alone with an upset look on his face and whispered to himself “maybe there right.” He dropped his head down to his shoulders and followed his sisters.
The father appeared out from behind a grave and said to himself as Roger walked away. “looks like I’ll have to take care of him, he’s getting too close.”
Roger had come up with a plan when he had gotten home, He decided he was going to take the risk and sneak into his office. When George had gotten home to grab his things then left out to go to work Roger slipped through and into his office before he could lock it up. He quickly started to go through his things, the desk, the shelfs, everything... but he couldn’t find anything, all he got was a bunch of family pictures.
He turned his attention to the bookshelf and raised his eyebrow and quietly said “Dad doesn’t read.. He had trouble focusing on words and comprehending then because of his disorder.”
Roger slowly approached the book shelf and started picking up the books. He spotted out a large black book and picked it up. When he picked up the book a door swung open and almost knocked him out on the ground. He screamed in fear from the scary black door almost knocking him out.
Roger stood up and walked inside of the dark secret room and proceeded through the tunnel. He flicked on a light to see a army of vampire soliders, his eyes widen and he saw his older, long lost brother Kendrick.
Roger looked at Kendrick in shock and confusion “what’s going on here….’
Kendrick looked at Roger and smirked evily “Hello brother, we’ve been expecting you..”
Kendrick grabbed Roger and threw him down a dark tunnel..and that Roger was the one that ended up…unbitten.

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