November 3, 2016
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One super lazy Monday at school, Sarah heard a ringing noise. Sarah was confused because she thought it was her rock music she was playing but no, it was a different sound. The sound of a little girl’s laughter that soon turns into crying from the pain that has been inflicted on the little girl. Sarah can’t seem to get the noise out of her head. Sarahs sight starts to go black and shes trying to stop it.
“STOP IT, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!” punching at the air till she can’t see the black anymore. Sarah starts to just give up and her sight fades to pitch black.
Too much, huh? Let me give you some background info on Sarah. Sarah has a curse that has been passed down from her father. Sarah has the ability to hear odd sounds that other people don’t. Ever since her father’s passing, she has been stuck with her mother, who treats her horribly. Her mother hates Sarah’s guts and Sarah shares a mutual feeling. That’s just half of Sarah’s troubles. Sarah is also consistently getting bullied in school cause of her out bursts in the classroom. These outbursts consist of (from the teachers pov) her yelling
“no! no!! no!!!!” louder and louder till she runs out the classroom.
“I’ve been experiencing very odd things from her for 2 years” the teacher says
“she’s just an odd person “one of her classmates says
Another day in class, but this wasn’t just any boring day, it was the day her life changed for better or worse?
The jocks were picking on Sarah and mocking her actions as usual.
“Oh my gosh Stop! Stop!!Stop!!!!ahhhhh!!!!” as the jocks laughed and mocked her intensely. Sarah was continuing to get upset. Then, she stood up and said
“you guys need to shut uppppp!!!!! I know I’m different or weird to you, but that doesn’t mean you get to pick on me for it” as she started to tear up and run out the class.
BOOM!!!! As the schools front doors open and Sarah running out of them. Only one place she was thinking about was the woods. As a toddler, Sarah used to play in the woods and that was the only place she felt safe and comfortable.
“I can see the sign” Sarah says
As she walks down the path, Sarah sees a person. As she walks closer to the mysterious human shaped figure, she sees a little girl, similar to the one that was in her mind. At last, Sarah yells out
“Who are you.”

The girl looks at Sarah and throws down a potion to see just a black mist. At the corner of her eye, Sarah sees the little girl go right, so she follows her. As sarah runs at the little girl, she sees the little girl run toward a condemned house. Sarah sees her stop and turn around.
“Who are you.” As Sarah yells again to the girl. The girl starts to approach sarah and then there was a dead silence. Then at last, the girl spoke
“my name is Haras” then she faded away.
She started to walk back to school thinking of what does haras mean or why was she in the middle of the woods.it took a while to get back to school and Sarah’s mind was everywhere and as if it couldn’t get any more stressful she approached the school to see cop cars posted out front and her mean mother aggravating the officers.
As Sarah walked up to the school, Sarah hears her mother say this
“oh my lord there you are, you’re mine when we get in the car!!!” so as the mother got done talking with the officers, she started to walk to the car.
As the mother hops in the car with Sarah, she hits her in the back of the head and further says
“do you know what I want do to you right now. This is why I don’t want you a** anymore. Better yet…...”
The mother reaches under her seat to pull out a glock then BANG! Sarah reaches down to find a puddle of blood coming from her stomach.
“I’m not taking you to the hospital” Sarah’s mother said. As they’re walking to the front door and passes out.
Sarah sees pitch black and nothing but. Sarah hears a little girl’s laughter soon turning into a helpless cry then Sarah saw a face, not just any face, Haras face. Then Haras whispered in Sarah’s ear
“They will pay, they have to pay, they shall pay!!!”
Sarah wakes up to screams of people in the hospital. Above all the yelling, she heard her mother, the mother she dearly hated to the heart, head get cut off by a black entity. The head flew right on Sarah’s lap and all the memories of her treating her so bad had recalled and all sarah could do was let out an evil, wicked laugh. She had to get out of the hospital. She was injured and she knew it and felt it so she ran out the hospital with one thing on her mind, Haras.
It was very far from the hospital to the forest, so even though she was only 15, she hotwired her mother’s charger. She was going 45 on the interstate but hopped on the 75 mph to keep up the woods. She parked in the front entrance and started pacing towards the woods yelling
“HARASSS, HARASSS, HARASSSSSS!!!”  and then Sarah saw haras and haras was not a girl. Haras didn’t even let sarah speak and haras said
“I know what you have been through. You have kicked me out and let the depression get to you. I am still going to fight till every major problem is out of your life. All you have to do is let me back in. I miss u Sarah because I am you.”. then Sarah realized haras backwards was Sarah and she knew she was right. So she responded with
“you promise” Sarah asked
“yes sarah” haras replied and then sarah let free to let haras back in to make all her problems go away.

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