Operation Object

November 3, 2016

Operation Object
I stepped inside the chamber. The lights lining the walls flashed with apparent urgency. This was the most important mission I would ever be sent on. It would determine the future of my family,  my country, the world. It was the year 5096 and it had been centuries since the Object had existed. I was being sent back to the year 2011. A time where cars traveled on the land and the sky was blue. I won’t lie I was scared to go to such a world but I had to; for my people.
The chamber began to shake. I tried to grab the handle on the wall, but I failed in my attempt and in the process fell to the floor. I was propelled through time and space. It was a chaos of realms and people and everything in between. It would have been an amazing experience had I not felt like vomiting the entire trip. I landed with a crash on black ground. Dazed, I stood to my feet. Unfortunately, Mission Control had taken my hover shoes and gave me weird things they called sneakers. I turned my head and saw a bright light and next thing I knew, I woke up in a bed surrounded by white walls and beeping machines.
“Hello. How are you feeling? Do you remember your name?” The lady walked towards me from the hall. I quickly sat up, alert. Where was I? What happened? Who was she? She continued to stare at me waiting for an answer.
“What happened? Where am I?” I demanded answers. Not only had she taken me to this place but she had also taken my clothes and given me a strange dress.
“You were in a car accident and you are now in the hospital. You suffered from a severe concussion.” What was this lady talking about? What in the world was a concussion?
“Where are my clothes?” I rose out of the bed and began to put on my sneakers that were placed at the foot of the bed.
“Where do you think you are going? You need to rest and you need to tell me your name so we can get your parents.”
“Who are you to tell me what to do?”
“Excuse me, please be more respectful. I’m the nurse and the doctor will be in shortly to take a look at you.” The doctor? I remembered learning about them during my training. They were the healers of the time and could be trusted.
“Yes, I would like to speak to the doctor.”
“Ok I’ll go get him.” The nurse left the room giving me the opportunity to put my clothes on that I found in one of the drawers and my sneakers. I grabbed a bar that looked a lot like the nutrition bars we have in my time; I might need a snack later.  Taking the needle out of my arm was a little more painful but I was out into the hallway before anybody could stop me. I looked down the hallway assessing the situation. There appeared to be no sign of another nurse. I followed the exit signs out of the building into the crisp air.
I needed to get to a place called “Di Fara”. People were bustling by me and knocking into me without so much as an “excuse me”.
“Do you know where Di Fara is?” I asked a man as he walked passed me. Not only did he not answer but he pushed me down in the process. Lying on the hard ground I noticed a flyer beside me. I picked it up and began to flip through it and there, on the second page, was an advertisement for Di Fara. This couldn’t have worked out any better. I had to get to 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230. Whatever that meant. I almost had the will to ask someone for directions, but, seeing what happened before, I figured I’d just end up on the ground again.
I walked to the corner to find where I was. The sky was getting darker. It was almost night. I have until midnight, when Mission Control will zap me back to the future. My watch read 8 o’clock. 4 hours to find my way to Di Fara and obtain the Object. I jogged down the street following the signs. Through the alley, I saw the sign that read “Avenue J”. Thats where I needed to be but, I had been warned to stay out of dark allies especially during the night but, I was getting tired and I only had two hours left. Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen?
I tentatively entered the alley. Overflowing dumpsters lined the sides. It was quite creepy seeing as it was pitch black except for the sliver of light coming from the streetlight on the other side. A chilly breeze sent shivers down my spine. The silence was deafening. Somewhere, however, I could hear the steady drip of water.
“Who’s there?!” I jumped at the sudden raspy voice. It was too dark to see anything. I spun around searching for the source of the voice. “I said, who’s there!” Control had never told me what to do in a situation like this. I should have just listened to them and not gone through this alley. Now I’m going to have to find my own way out, but how? Do I answer him and if so what do I say?
“Answer me! Are you just another one of those punk kids tryin’ to take my stuff?!”
“Umm.. no sir. I was just looking for a short cut home.” I spoke into the emptiness. I heard some scuffling then I saw the silhouette of a man rise from behind one of the dumpsters.  I stepped back placing my feet ready to sprint away the second the man attacked.
“Don’t be scared then. I’m not going to hurt you but if you have any food that would be greatly appreciated.”
“Food? Why do you need food from me there are stores everywhere?”
“You see son, I lost my job months ago and can no longer afford food. I haven’t eaten anything in days.” In my time, nobody was left hungry and everyone had a job to help the society. What kind of world is this where a man was living with the company of dumpsters and no food where people walked by them in million dollar suites? This world was worse than Control had ever described. I reached into my poxcket and pulled out the bar I had gotten from the hospital.
“I have a nutrition bar if you would like it.” I carefully took a step towards him. He reached his hand out. I slowly placed the bar in his hand pulling my hand quickly away.
“Thank you very much. Bless you.” The man sat back down. I turned and walked away hearing the wrinkling of the wrapper behind me. Reaching the end of the alley, I checked my watch. I had just over an hour left. Feeling anxious about the remaining time, I started sprinting down the street, I finally saw a sign reading Di Fara. I opened the door entering a maze of tables. Walking to the counter, I told the man my order and sat down at a table. I stared at the clock on the wall anxiously waiting for the Object. How long does it take, I wondered. With ten minutes left, a woman finally walked over.
“Enjoy,” she said has she placed a round tray on the table in front of me. Cutting a slice I cautiously took a bite. The cheese melting in mouth. The warmth from the sauce heated my mouth leaving me in a literal heaven. I grabbed hold of the tray and felt myself being pulled back to the future. My mission had been successful. I had gotten the Object. Pizza.

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