The men

May 29, 2014
By Anonymous

The sound of the thunder cracked over my head, lighting up the dark forest I was running through. Dogs started barking, and I heard the crunching of the leaves from their paws. Still running through the dark trees, I suddenly heard a bang and felt an instant throbbing pain in my shoulder. I fell to the ground, tripping and stumbling over the dead and overgrown roots of the tree. Lighting cracked again, and it began to rain profusely. Next thing I knew, the men and dogs that were behind me picked me up and dragged me through the dark and now wet forest. It was beginning to get cold out, but the handcuffs were like ice. The men still continuing to drag me, I searched the sky for a sign of hope. There was none.
Finally we reached somewhere, but no where I wanted to be. They threw me into the back of the truck into a cage.

“What are you doing?I'm not an animal.”

They finally went to the truck and drove off. The men were so buff and burly, I had never seen anyone like this before. Tall, dark, and skin that looked to be a hundred years old. The men continued to drive.

“Where are they going.”

“I don't know.”

“Wait, who’s there?”

“Jackson. Who are you?”

“I’m Kelsey.”

“Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“Not at all, I was in the forest and something struck my shoulder, next thing I knew I was thrown into here. Do you know?”

“ Me either, the exact same thing happend to me.”

The two of them continued to talk, getting to know each other. Both were dazed and confused as to what really happened and where they were going. Jackson and Kelsey had been set up. They thought they were going to get killed or something. It was all just a joke. They both thought they were running through a forest, and tripping over trees. However, it was just a dream. For the both of them.
Jackson and Kelsey were both dreaming about the same very thing and meeting there. These two people had never met before, but somehow saw each other in their dreams. Doing the same exact thing, and even meeting each other.
The dream continued, both still sitting in the back of the truck, caged up like animals. They both were still very intrigued in one another, asking each other questions. Neither of them knew this was all just a dream. They finally reached where they were going; the men drug them both out of the cages like they were animals. Both still had their Hands handcuffed together. The two strangers that could only hear each other’s voices, finally met eyes. Instantly their eyes locked, with a smile mirrored on each other’s face. They stood like this for what seemed five minutes, this really only being about ten seconds. They instantly hit it off; however, they were still handcuffed together. They looked around, dazed and confused. Both wondering what was in store for them, the men continued to drag them. Next thing they knew, both were thrown into a cellar or a huge building. There was no way out. Kelsey and Jackson were both unhandcuffed and left in the cellar for three days. No food. No water. Nothing.

Another day went by, and someone finally came down: a man carrying a piece of bread and a cup of water. One for each of them. Both of them sighed with relief, and were comforted by just that little bit. Before, they were always handed everything.
It did not matter what it was; if they wanted something, they would get it. This was a huge-wake up call for the both of them. Getting nothing for about four days and receiving food was one of the greatest things that could have happened to the two. Both Kelsey and Jackson came to realize what they were grateful for and that they couldn’t take everything for granted.
After two weeks in the cellar the men came back down to see how they were.

The author's comments:
two people get caught in the jungle

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