A Dark Day

December 29, 2013
Everyone sniffed and choked, attempting to hold back the tears and sobs. Adorning black, the people surrounded a coffin slowly being swallowed up by the soft earth, a life taken too soon. She clung to her father crying, holding back none of her feelings. As she glanced up she saw that sparkling tears shone in her father's eyes, a few escaping down his cheeks. This shocked the teenager, she had never seen him cry before. Her little sister wailed and her father scooped the little girl up in his arms while she cried against his chest. The older girl remembered her mother doing that when she was little, but now, her mother would never hold her again.

The car crash had been brutal. Twisted metal encasing the family; she had sat right up front and it had taken her life, the force of the airbags being too much.

The sky darkened as daylight faded and most people had gone home. Her father forced a smile and set a white rose next to the headstone. Her sister had fallen asleep. She stepped forward, tears streaming down her face. Her mother had long ago excused herself to the car in an attempt at composure.

The teen was strong, but now she was breaking down. After all, it is a dark day when you attend your own funeral.

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EvetteT said...
Jan. 1, 2014 at 5:04 pm
  You are a good writer. Keep writing
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