The Chance

October 3, 2013
“Keep dreaming. You will never be anything. I bet your parents don’t even want you. You’re just a big mistake.” Leah tried to fight back tears as she walked away from Emily’s cruel words. It’s okay. She’s just jealous, I think. You can do it. Stay strong. Leah walked onto the ball field with her glove and her faith. She knew if she could just focus on the game, everything Emily had said would just fade away. She ran to her position at first base while at the same time, Emily ran outfield to center. This was it; the biggest game of the season. They were about to take on the Eagles.

After their team had made three outs, Leah and Emily went to grab their bats. With Emily up to bat first, Leah waited patiently. As soon as Leah sat down on the bench, she was on her feet again. She watched the ball that Emily had just hit, soar through the sky and crash over the fence. She was devastated, but knew deep in heart that if she really tried, she could do the same thing. As Emily rounded the bases and headed towards home, the team ran out for their traditional dog pile. Leah jumped right as Emily jumped on top of her. Leah felt Emily’s metal cleats sink into her skin. It was afterwards that she felt the bone in her left leg snap in two. Through her tears, she could see Emily smile and wink at her.

On the way to the hospital, Leah didn’t say a word. She knew that if she told her parents it was no accident, they wouldn’t believe her. She was lifted by four strange-looking men and placed onto a stretcher. When she awoke, her leg felt strange. The doctor entered the room and began to speak. “This is very misfortunate Ms. Dawson. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But it seems as though your leg isn’t just broke, it’s destroyed. The break went all the way up to your spine. Ms. Dawson…you’re paralyzed. If you’re ever going to walk again, it’s only going to be in your dreams.” Leah wouldn’t let Emily win. No matter what.

For years, Leah worked and worked just to be able to walk. But nothing changed. She couldn’t walk, run, or even sit by herself. Although she couldn’t play softball, she went to every game and practice and watched. When the season ended, Leah was given the MVP award. Emily saw this and stormed off the field. For the first time in a long time, Leah smiled. Later on that night, Leah made a big decision and called her best friend and cousin, Hannah.

A few days later, Leah and her family were eating breakfast and her dad was reading the paper. On the front cover were pictures of Emily and Hannah. The caption below read that Emily’s body had been found in the woods…without legs and that Hannah had been brought in for questioning. While her parents mourned, Leah sat quietly.

That evening, Leah’s mother was collecting laundry to wash. When she thought she had gotten everything, she saw a piece of clothing hanging out from under Leah’s bed. She bent down and pulled on what she thought was a shirt. When instead she pulled out a pair of shorts with a pair of bloody, severed legs attached to them, she fainted. By the time she woke up, Leah was hidden in the secret meeting place that Hannah had described to her. She was eating chips and watching a portable TV when the FBI busted open the door. She quickly took out the remote she had been storing in her pocket and said to the agents, “Well I sure hope I don’t see Emily on the other side. What a waste that would be!” Then she pressed it. The FBI agents took their last breath as the whole room exploded before their eyes.

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Harley said...
Oct. 3, 2013 at 8:26 pm
I Love this story! So awesome, especially the ending! Write more like this!
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