A New End

August 22, 2013
The campsite was packed. It was perfect weather for sleeping under the stars. The hot June sun was tempered with cool breezes. Dogs ran around, children climbed on tree, and parents laughed among themselves, remembering times gone by.
Then they saw it.
An object, falling faster and faster towards those on the ground.

Ten miles away, a small town quietly existed. All were inside their homes, eating supper with family or watching the evening news. The anchor had just switched to the topic of a royal wedding when everyone heard it. An explosion.
The town fell silent, listening, but the blast was not repeated. A few people cautiously took to the streets, ignoring the soft rain that had just begun to fall. Police officers stood together, unsure of what to do.
A person shouted out, pointing at the sky. Many didn't even have time to see the bomb that struck the small Colorado town.

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