The Accident That Went Bad

June 17, 2013
By Carlitos BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Carlitos BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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That very everything changed.First your driving and next thing you know a drunk driver crashes into.I’ll never forget that day.The day that my little brother died at the the hospital from the car accident.He was the passenger in my car and some drunk guy just had to ruin our day.

Before the accident me and my brother John came back from the mall and we had such a fun day.We hopped in my Lamborghini and we drove off to the highway.My brother noticed some dudes in a Honda and he saw them drinking.The driver was already drunk and he was driving really fast.

We saw them drive passed several cars and every car that he passed got mad a they beeped the horn.When I was driving everything happened fast and I couldn't remember anything.All I remember is me seeing the drunk drivers car in front of mine face to face and that was it.When I woke up the firefighters were taking me out of the crushed up car and I saw the other drivers dead on the floor.Blood coming from their heads a broken beer bottles on the floor.The car was getting towed away and I saw the paramedics taking my brother away..

The police told me right away that the drunk driver was driving 85 miles per hour because the police was hiding in the trees with the gun they use to check speed.He said the driver was drunk with a 24 pack of beer and tequila in the back seats.

I still reminisce that day I saw my my little brother being taken away in an ambulance by the paramedics and The police telling me right away that the drunk driver was driving 85 miles per hour because the he was hiding in the trees with the gun they use to check speed.He said the driver was drunk with a 24 pack of beer and tequila in the back seat.I tried to see my brother but they just wouldn't let me.

I met my brother and my parents at the hospital that very day and my parents were very upset and angry at me but I told them it wasn't my fault.But I didn't care.I was just crying.Not because my parents yelled at me.I was crying because that very moment I saw my little brother John die.

One month passes by like nothing and we just had the funeral 3 weeks ago.But I just kept hearing noises everyday.It was like a kid screaming my name.It screamed day and night and it kept saying my name. “Travis.” “Travis, where are you.”It came from upstairs in the attic so I went up to check.The noise wasn't there anymore.Then I heard it again.

I called my parents to the attic with me because I heard that noise all the time.I heard the noise but my parents didn't. “Are you crazy or what I don't hear any noise” my parents said.It keeps calling my name. “I don't hear no noise! for the last time Travis” my parents said.I told them to forget about it and they left slamming my door on the way out.

But I don't blame them.These last few weeks were just really hard on my parents.Their son died who is my brother and they can't get fact that he is gone already and that they need to move on.I kept hearing those noises day after day.Hearing those noises felt like my ears were about to bleed but I had to ignore it.

I kept hearing those noises and my parents heard me talking to myself.I told myself that whoever is saying my name better stop and said “Boy are you crazy quit talking to yourself.” “Its the noises in my head help me.” they had it to the last straw and they thought that I was crazy and they just gave up on me.

Last night I heard the noise again. “Travis!” Travis” I couldn't take it anymore so I went along with the conversation. “Yes” I said.The voice said “finally you respond to me.” I was shocked. “Who are you” I said. “Your little brother” John he said. For a couple of minutes I had to get every straighten out.I thought I was crazy but when the voice responded back to me I felt tears of joy coming down my cheeks.

I sprinted to my mom and dads room to tell them the news. “I heard John speaking to me” My dad then responded to me this way. “Well You must be on some special medication boy he is dead.” And when he said that tears rushed down my mothers face and when I went to hug her she refused to hug back.

My dad told me that if i don't stop acting crazy he would take me to a special facility where the crazy people go and I would have to be on special medication.I told him that I really did hear John talk but he disagreed with me and he went back to sleep.

Early the next morning John started to speak to me again. “Did dad believe that I was really talking.” “No he got mad and he didn't think you were actually speaking because you're dead.” “Then kill him because he forgot all about me.” “No you're crazy I won't kill him.” “Yes you will.” said john “Or I will haunt you forever and make you have bad dreams at night.” I still didn't listen to him but then I felt something inside me. His ghost went inside me.I lost control of my body and I went into a deep sleep.I could see how John controlled my body but I couldn't do anything to stop him.I didn't have control anymore.

I saw him go into the knife drawer and he pulled a huge knife out.He went to my parents room and you can guess what happened next.He left my body and went somewhere else and I was left as the victim.

The next morning neighbors heard my parents screaming and they got suspicious.The next day the police was at the door and I didn't know what to do.I said “who is it.” and he said “ police.” I said nothing going on in here and I guess the police got mad and they bust my door open.

They smelt the dead bodies which were all rotten and they went to check upstairs.I told them it was not me who killed them.They quickly tazed me and handcuffed me.They said I was a sick person and why I would do that to my own parents.I said a ghost went in my body and did that to them.But who would believe that.

I was taken to prison.Charged for murder and I was taken to special classes for crazy people.

The voices haunted me forever and there was nothing I could do.The voices of my brother which used to be sweet when he was alive turned into brutal life threatening voice.I couldn't take it anymore.getting beat up everyday and almost died from getting stabbed wasn't worth it. I couldn't take the voices in my head telling me to do bad things and which I had to do and being in prison for no reason was messed up.

There was only one thing I had to do and I did it.I stabbed myself to death and it was all over news.I just couldn't live anymore.I had no life and why would I spend it here at prison.No more voices in my head and I was peaceful forever.

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