June 17, 2013
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The clouds dropped low, thickening the fog. The summer roads steamed from the heavy rain falls the night before. As the sun peaked over the horizon, the dew settled to the ground. The sun shone over a lifeless body. The body was washed cleaned from the storm and the blood ran deep in the ground. The deed was done. And not a trace of evidence was left behind.

Earlier the day before…
“Ew, that shirt is so ugly!” Jessica blurted with the same facial expression people make when they eat the lemon sour heads.
“Well I guess you won’t borrow it like all my other clothes”, Rebecca rebutted.
“Okay, touché.”

Jessica and Rebecca lived in a small town called Herba, New Jersey. They have been best friends as well as neighbors since the first grade. They were practically sisters. Rebecca was an only child but Jessica had an older brother named Chase. Chase was 20; he was only two years older than Jessica. He and Jessica have recently become fairly close.

Recently, Chase would bring Jessica and Rebecca to parties and clubs outside of town. They were finally 18 and Chase figured they were going to do this stuff anyways. So, he might as well be there to keep an eye on them. Tonight was one of those special occasions. It was Friday and they all planned to go to Loop Hole, the popular club in the neighboring town. So, Rebecca and Jessica decided to go shopping Friday morning to pick out new outfits.
“So are you going to buy that shirt?” asked Jessica.
“Yeah I might. You really think it’s that bad?” replied Rebecca.
Jessica pulled out a turquoise half top, “this would look so much better on you.” She said with a knowing smirk.

By the time they were done shopping, it had reached 6:00 pm. So they rushed home to get ready since they were going to leave around 7:30 pm. On the way running out of the store, Rebecca collided with a man.
“Oh, I’m so sorry”, she said quickly as she gathered her bags.
The man who looked about 50 said nothing; he glared at her with his ludicrous eyes. He slowly gimped away but kept his eyes fixed on Rebecca until she hopped in the car with Jessica and drove away.
“Tell me that wasn’t weird, Jess!”
“Yeah! That guy was just staring at you. And did you see the way he walked? He looked like a creep.”
“He just gave me a bad feeling; I’ve never even seen him before!”
“Me either now that I think of it. Wow, that’s really weird.”

Herba has always been a small enough town to know when someone new arrived or when someone from the town left. The town was so small that there weren’t a lot of tourist attractions, so there were hardly ever visitors except on the rare occasion someone drove through the town to get gas. That made it very peculiar that Rebecca and Jessica didn’t know that man. The man wore a big trench coat. It used to be beige but it look as if it had some rough years put on it because some parts were as dark as charcoal. He also had this weird gimp almost like you expected him too though by the way his face caught attention.

When the girls got home, they quickly forgot about the strange man and got ready for their big night out. Rebecca wore her new turquoise half top with a black pencil skirt and Jessica wore a black dress with sequence down the sides. Their eyes brightened in anticipation for a good night as they slipped their big black pumps on and applied the last of their lip stick.
“Come on girls, are you ready?” Chased yelled out, he was getting frigid because he wanted to leave.
“Yeah we’re coming now”, Jessica quickly replied.

They all piled into Chase’s car and headed to Loop Hole.

When they got there they could feel the bass shaking the ground and pounding on the club walls. With each bass drop, Jessica and Rebecca smiled a little harder until their dimples were engraved in their cheeks.

They all went to the front and paid to get in. As soon as the girls enter the club, they saw a sea full of people. They walked in and instantly lost Chase in the crowd. The first thing the girls did was run to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing with each other, while their heads swerved side to side looking for an attractive guy to make eye contact with.

While Rebecca was looking around she backed up into a man. Turning around she paused and had goose bumps sprint down her spine. It was the same man she ran into on the street. His eye glared at her once more.
He grabbed her wrist and said “You’re in danger. Leave with me. You can’t stay here.”
He spoke with a sense of certainty but his voice was a harsh tone, almost like the voice of the typical movie killer. Rebecca was shaking as she tried to loosen the grip and free herself. As she was about to yell let go of me, the man let go and vanished.
Rebecca hurried to find Jessica and begged her to leave.
“That man, he’s here. Let’s go. We got to go!”
“Okay, okay. Let me call my brother. We’ll wait outside.”
They both stood by the curb waiting for Jessica’s brother to answer. Then in a brief moment a van pulled up and snatched Rebecca. Rebecca’s face was covered and just as she was about to scream a small white rag was tied in her mouth, making her choke on every word. Rebecca pulsated with fear and sweat slowly zig zagged down her cheek creating pools where her dimples once were.
“Shh don’t worry about a thing.”

Rebecca started to cry. Her whole body collapsed with in itself. After a while, Rebecca just sat in the back of the van violently trembling, but made no sound. She could hear water droplets begin to beat on the van. She could hear the tires cross over on to a dirt road. Then the van stopped.

The doors flung open and Rebecca was pushed out of the van. Her body struck the ground hard. She didn’t move; her body was frozen in shock. Occasionally, her whimpers of her somber sob were heard and her attempts to speak turned into grunts. Every grunt was followed by more whimpers and sobs.
“Awh, it’s okay. Don’t be scared, it will all be over soon.”

As the rain drops beat her face, she slowly felt a knife slide across her leg. Her body quivered at every touch.
“Come on. You’re a strong girl. Don’t act so scared. You were always the perfect child.”

In that same instant, the knife penetrated Rebecca’s chest. Rebecca let out a sharp shriek. The cover was taken away from her face, revealing her perpetrators. As her breathe slowed, she was only managed to mouth “why”. Her eyes glazed over and her body was soon still. Jessica and Chase stood over the lifeless body, almost mesmerized by the plush red blood dribbling down the body being washed away by the every rain drop. When the rain started to let up, Jessica and Chase calmly walked away. A rush of adrenline stilled flowed through Jessica as her hand wobbled from thinking about her lunge with the knife. But the further she walked away from the body, the more the feeling of relief washed over her.
Finally, the perfect child is gone. No one left to compare me too. This thought brought the same giddy cheek dimple engraving smile.
The clouds dropped low, thickening the fog. The summer roads steamed from the heavy rain falls the night before. As the sun peaked over the horizon, the dew settled to the ground. The sun shone over a lifeless body. The body was washed cleaned from the storm and the blood ran deep in the ground. The deed was done. And not a trace of evidence was left behind.

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