See Ya Later

June 10, 2013
By Anonymous

See Ya Later
My name is Nikoli Dragunov and I am an escaped convict. That’s right, I just escaped from prison. Fifteen freedom-less years of nothing but crappy food and no TV. Fifteen wasted years of my life that I’ll never get back. I was serving a life sentence for something I didn’t do. If you ask any guy in prison if they’re guilty or innocent, they’ll tell you innocent even if they are guilty. But not me, I really am innocent. Long story short, I was framed for murder. Damn lawyer screwed me. But that’s not the point right now. What is the point is that I just escaped from prison and I’m a free man again! I used to live in Nemchinovka, Russia, a small town near Moscow, before I went to jail. When I was sentenced, they sent me to Black Dolphin Prison, Russia’s most notorious prison where they send the most dangerous prisoners. Believe me I was real excited about going there…. I didn’t understand it anyway. Every guy in there had at least like five murders under their belt and I only had one. Well, I really had none, but you get the point. But why was I going there?
Anyways, when I got there, I couldn’t believe how terrible this prison was. I mean I used to watch those prison shows on TV before I was in there, and this place made those look like heaven. I’m not kidding. So cold I could see my breath. And this was all the time, 24/7/365. Freezing cold. And the rooms, let’s just say it was a five star hotel. The food was terrible but I
get the feeling that no matter what prison you’re at the food will never be good. Although there were some nice guards, for the most part they sucked too. And for the record, there’s no such thing as police brutality in a Russian gulag. They made us walk bent over, head down, and with our hands back behind us because we would be “least likely to try something”. I don’t know about you, but if I’m handcuffed, being escorted by two guards, another guard behind him and another guard behind him with a dog, I’m not trying to do anything. They also made us wear blindfolds so we “couldn’t get a feel for the prison just in case we got out of the cell”. Get out of the cell? Ya right. Every cell was isolated with two steel doors and then a control powered door after that keeping us locked in. Camera’s in every cell that were being watched non-stop and a guard would walk by every 15 minutes. This is when I knew I wasn’t gunna escape from my cell. It was gunna have to be another way.
Then I learned about work release programs. If you don’t know, that’s when they take a handful of prisoners out of the prison and bring them to do some public work. I was extremely surprised when I heard that they were doing a program here. Especially at the Black Dolphin. I knew I had to get on one of these. Only problem was that they only do one a year and there is over 700 prisoners to choose from. So after fifteen years of hoping to be picked, it finally happened. They brought us to some highway late at night to do some road work. All of us side by side, smashing up the cement with guards surrounding us at every angle. We were you’re typical old school “chain gang” to say the least. I was on the very end and lucky enough for me, my chain was a little loose. I knew if I was ever going to get out of the prison this was my only chance. So I had a rotation going. As we hammered away at the ground, I would hit the ground five times, and then hit my chain to try to break it, and then repeat. Eventually, it worked. I didn’t run then though, I waited until we were getting back on the bus. I figured that would be my best chance. Keep in mind in was the middle of the night so the guards couldn’t see anything.I walked with the chain gang as if I was still attached and once we were close to the bus, I took off running for the woods. I ran and I never looked back. I thought for sure I was going to have to out run a dog, but they never sent one after me. I still don’t know why. But I don’t care at all cause I’m a free man!
No all I have to do is get out of this country…

The author's comments:
The "Russia's Toughest Prisons" documentary on The History Channel was the inspiration for this story.

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