*A Dream, Just a Dream*

June 9, 2013
?A Dream, Just a Dream?

I awaken. Or at least I think I have. I see... Nothingness. I feel empty and alone. And... And i feel fear. Fear, I can feel it in my heart, and in my bones... Its that fear you get when... When you think that the loneliness and emptiness that you feel, at that moment, is all you will ever feel, all you will ever know. But that feeling was not always there. I feel a left behind sense of happiness. Its like that fear was a wave. A wave that drowned that happiness. A wave that took me by surprise and held me there, on the ground, not being able to breathe from the fear and loneliness that is the water. I sit up and look, look around at this empty, cruel fate. I think of death. Is this what it is like? All the time we hear stories of a darkness that swallows you whole and takes you towards this little light... And this light brings onto you the overwhelming feeling of utter and complete freedom and happiness from the world you just left. If this is death then why do i feel like this? All this fear? Why do i see white and not darkness? I stand up and start walking, hoping for a way out. Wandering around in this white world. The more I walk the more frantic I get because I need... I want to find a way out. But then, I see a dark figure. The feeling of loneliness leaves and is replaced with joy, but only for a split second, until i realize that It's moving away from me. I run, I run hard towards this figure but the more I run the farther it goes, disappearing into the plain, white world surrounding me. I start screaming, fearing that the figure is leaving me forever. I scream and cry out, trying to get it to come back. It disappears. And suddenly the feeling of loneliness turns into sadness. And then... Pain. Pain? If this is death then physical pain should be impossible... But it is there... I can feel it... A aching heart longing for something. I collapse. Terrified and confused, still crying out for someone to save me from these feelings, and most of all from this world. No one hears me. No one is there to hear the terrified screams of a young girl who needs help. I cry. I cry for what seems like hours and then, something touches me lightly on my shoulder. A hand. I feel the caring and understanding in that one touch, that one touch lifted me from the wave that was drowning me. I try to look back to see the face that the hand belongs to but i awaken. It was a dream, just a dream, but those feelings are reality.

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