March 4, 2013
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As I look down, the only thing I can discern is the blackness. The abyss filling the area around me, overwhelming me more every millisecond time passes. They put me here, enclosed me here and left me for dead. It seems as though I'm floating, or no, the sensation is falling. Falling through this endless nightmare. Still though, I can see nothing but the blackness, nothing but the fall. As the sensation of this infinite declivity increases drastically, I hear a deafening scream for help. It takes me a moment to realize that I am the one creating this ear shattering sound. Immediately, I hold my breath, for I have already made my breathing presence here known. Once they realize I am alive, they will terminate me by creating a torturous, searingly, painfully slow situation. Acknowledging what is about to happen to me, I curse into the atramentous chasm. They know I have survived, they know I am stronger than anyone could have guessed. I can see the bottom. Oh God, I can see the bottom. Being strong does not help me now.

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