The Shadow

January 31, 2013
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The Shadow

“We are so late,” I said “ it’s almost two hours past curfew and you know how mom gets.”

“Yes I do know how mom gets,” Snapped my brother. ”And calm down because technically”… ah here he goes with the technicalities again. I have learned to zone out and did soI could think of faster ways to get home when it hit me the cemetery –which we were walking by-was only a block from the house. Turning to look through the gate, I noticed that there was an eeriefog hovering just a few feet above the ground. I then had second thoughts about going through it but before I could deny my own mind I said.

“Should we go through cemetery?” and since my brother was still babbling he responded.
“Sure” without even knowing what he agreed to. So since he agreed I pulled him towards the large black gate and when we crossed the threshold a sudden burst of cold air pushed against my skin and clothes.

About four minutes later we only made it an eighth of the way through and I was about to say hurry up to my brother when I heard a snap off to the left. I froze and waited to hear it again, but this time when I did hear it I heard it off to the right. I decided to turn and look right behind me then to the left and to the right, but I didn’t see anything. I shrugged and tried to catch up with my brother who was still walking, and seemed to be talking about Shakespeare and that his nickname was “Shaky” and he lived with the ancient Greeks and that he was an Olympic gold medalist for the U.S.A. in 2004. But something stopped him dead in his tracks.
So I took this as my opportunity to tell him that he was wrong.

“Hey I really hope you know that if Shakespeare had a nickname it-“ I was interrupted once again.
“Shut your mouth I think I heard something.” I stopped talking to listen and sure enough the snapping sound came back. Except this time it sounded like a large pound after the snap instead of a soft light tap. I turned around one last time and saw a very tall shadow but it seemed short, too I don’t know how but it did. I blinked and when I opened my eyes it was closer. I turned to see if my brother saw it too and he looked frozen, I slapped him and he blinked.

I took a glance back and it seemed closer. ”Run you fools” I heard and listened. All the while thinking I have one minute to get home and probably that long before this whatever it is catches me.

To Be Continued

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