November 13, 2012
By , dekalb, MO

It was dark and the house I walked in was cold. I could see my breath as I began venturing around the old abandoned house. The house smelled of mold and rotted wood. Carefully I began to creep up the stairs. I could hear my friends jumping and hitting things downstairs. I opened my phone (reaching the top story of the house) and used it like it was a flash light. Old boards were placed on the windows and glass lay on the floor where it has been broken and left. This house had an old story. It made me wonder what the story was. As I crept through the house and entered another room, I began to smell gasoline. I closed my phone and ran to the top of the stairs and yelled, “Beck”!

But there was no response. “Brent? Sammie?”
Still there was no response. I began to walk down the stairs as flames arouse up the walls. I ran to the window ignoring the broken glass and tried to break the boards on the window.
Breaking the first two, I was able to squirm my way of out the window. Standing on the roof I could see Sammie, Brent, Beck, Jake, and Jessica standing on the street corner. I began to yell when I lost balance and slide down the roof. Grabbing the edge of the roof I held it with my life.
“Destiny” they yelled as they ran to the house.
“What are you doing?”
“Just hanging, help me down!” Beck stood under me and yelled “jump”. With a swing I let go of the roof trusting I would fall in the arms of beck and not the ground. Thankfully Beck caught me and I stumbled grabbing my balance. I stood back and studied the house engulfed flames. It was amazing how fast the house began to burn to the ground.
“Why’d you burn it down?”I asked looking at my friends.
“Why not”? Asked beck. I looked at the house and really stared when I saw a face appear in the window. It startled me and then began to ask myself is what I’m seeing real or is my imagination really getting to me. I looked and looked closer, edging my way to the house when I realized this face was real there was someone inside this burning house!

“Guys there is someone in their”
They all looked at me like I was crazy and maybe I was, but I knew someone was in that house.
“You’re crazy destiny there’s no one in that house” stated Brent. Just when I was about to say something else a scream grew in the noise of the house crackling. “No I searched the house first” stated Brent. “There was no body in that house”. The screams grew louder and sirens began to grow in the distance. “We haft to go”. Yelled Brent.
“What”? I asked.
“Don’t argue right now destiny just run”.
We ran around 4 blocks to the church and hide in the trees next to it. I could see everything from the trees. Everything from the woods to the house almost burned to the ground. “What are we going to do” I asked as I saw the fire trucks arriving at the house”. Then I saw Brent staring out of the trees right at Jason. “no were not blaming Jason”. “We haft to if he’s the first on to the fire then he will be the easiest to blame”. We all jumped from the trees and walked to the fire. The cops had already been asking Jason if he knew what happened. “I do”. Said Brent.
“We all watched Jason burn the house down”.
“Yea” we all chimed in.
And with that the cops took Jason. It terrified me as Jason yelled “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it”. I wanted to say I did it. But my mind never took it into action.

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