the white room

October 30, 2012
By lexijayde BRONZE, Wilmington, Vermont
lexijayde BRONZE, Wilmington, Vermont
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The room was all white, nothing to look at but the girl sitting in the corner. She was sitting there all alone. Was she talking to herself? Maybe I couldn’t really hear her though. She was wearing a white jump suit. What did she do? Why is she here? She looked to be only seventeen. Sitting in a concrete room all by her self nothing around nothing to do. Nothing at all just herself and the white of the walls. What’s going on? She looked like she hadn’t taken a shower in months. Her hair was all greasy and un-brushed.

“Why is she in here?” I asked the guard

“I can not tell you?”

“Why not?”

“You’re not related to her.”

“She looks so young though.”

“She’s not.”


“You need to leave now.”
That all white room with the young but old girl in it was slowly becoming farther and father away. As I walk down the grey wall covered in sadness I couldn’t stop wondering what the guard meant by she’s not young. I couldn’t stop wondering why she was in the physic ward.

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