A Jaksonville Nightmare

October 12, 2012
By Madison Bonser BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
Madison Bonser BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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One seemingly peaceful night in Jacksonville turned deadly in a matter of seconds. Hi I’m Sally and I was only 13 when the worst night of my life happened. Let me start from that dusk on December 14, 2008. My family was going out for a normal night on the town even though we live in the small town of Jacksonville N.C. It was my older brother’s birthday dinner as we always do. His name was Nate and he was just turning 18 so this was a big day for him. The night was beautiful, clear sky, everything was going perfectly. Our parents took us to the best restaurant in town to celebrate.

Right as we got seated the shadows moved, to the left and right almost swaying. I got that uneasy feeling like we were being watched by the depths of darkness. I didn’t say anything trying not to be the annoying little sister to my much older brother. By the end of the night something was wrong, very wrong and I was the only one who could tell. The whole night went well for everyone else, laughs, smiles, jokes, everything went as planned. We walked to the lake close by in the unlighted sidewalk using only the moonlight to guide us.

I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder every few steps. I was on high alert which is more I can say for my happy family. The walk was taking much longer than expected, then finally a snap came from behind us and it wasn’t just me that heard it. Nate turned around as fast as he could and pulled me behind him. The shadows moved like dancers in the night. The guys had me and my mom on the inside not knowing where the noise came from. The fear sunk in within seconds. I have never seen my family scared up until this point. My brother was holding me and my dad was holding my mom. Tears started rolling down dad’s face knowing what might happen.

The fear was a death grip on everyone especially my brother. He was given a silver bracelet when his friend was beaten to death by a local gang the year before. Nate always thought it was a protection that his friend, Lucas, was still watching out for him. Right before Nate let go of my arm he gave me that bracelet to keep me safe. I couldn’t help but cry after he gave me that because he never took it off. I knew I had to stay strong for my family’s sake. In a matter of moments, the hidden figure sprinted at us like a hunting animal. We had no protection and/or means of self-defense. The dark knight, as I call him, wasn’t alone either. I was pulled away and left on the ground.

I laid there and closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see what was happening with the dark night and his friend. I heard the suffering screams of my mother, the anguish of my father, and the tears of my brother. None of them knew if I was alive or dead, and if I had run or stayed. All I wanted to do was to jump in and help but I knew that would be suicide. Nate yelled one last time with his last breath “I LOVE YOU SALLY!!” Broke my heart to hear his last cries so sad, so in pain but then again I knew it was too late. I finally got the nerves to look over where I last saw my family only to find a pile of blood, hair, and broken dead bodies. Something still wasn’t right, not just that my family was killed, but that I was left alone not touched but to be pulled away. Why?

Something told me to get out of there as fast as I could go, but my fear kept me there to look and feel the pain my now gone family felt. I was 13, alone in an unlighted park, with two murderers around. How would I know what or where to go from here? I had to hug my family one last time before I had to figure out what to do. I couldn’t bring myself to leave and find help but I also knew the dark knight was still around. He was waiting for his prey to move and ready for a chance to pounce. I still couldn’t figure out why his friend took me out and saved my life.

I finally decided to move and fast, in the way we came. I couldn’t see from the tears in my eyes and the poor lighting of the moon. I had to keep a close watch for dark knight to reappear. Once I finally found my way to a safe place, or what I thought was safe…. I sat to take a break, as soon as I sat down he came up in front of me. The only words I’ve heard him say all night was “Miss me?” I started to get up and run but I couldn’t with him standing on top of me. I was a trapped animal in a hunters trap. There was no way out, no way to survive. All hope was lost my family and I was about to lose my life too.
To be continued…..

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