October 7, 2012
By Carara BRONZE, Horsham, Other
Carara BRONZE, Horsham, Other
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In life I have learnt there is love and there is hate, there is cruelty, there is kindness, there’s true beauty and there’s fake! Once I believed in you, oh how I once believed, how I trusted you, cared for you and most of all I loved you, yet did you ever love me? Yes I know you did, I have to believe you did or why else would I have had those years of happiness, the years we spent hand in hand, the nights you wiped away my tears and held me till day took away all my fears? The problem is people die and people change, and you changed beyond recognition, the day you had to choose… The day you had to choose who would die!
I don’t blame you, I love you too much, we were ill and it costs to be ill! I remember the doctors they said there was nothing they could do, a rare disease we both had it and we would die in a couple of months, but we didn’t and that gave us hope. Web page, after web page we searched looking for an answer, some antidote, some cure, a miracle, but you can never just find a miracle, we learnt that, for if you need a miracle there is always a price!
I don’t know why we were chosen, I never will! Just one day through the letterbox came and envelope, one containing pills! A note came with it not a long one, just one word was written on it, that word was the one thing we needed, that thing was a miracle! I don’t know why we didn’t throw them away then, but we were desperate and desperate people do crazy things!
From then on we were hooked, a little pill a day and we could live! We were no longer confined to a bed, I could run, I loved to run and you were there with me bare foot in the grass laughing and jumping feeling so free! But happiness must end and our happiness lasted a mere week and then we were back again. Our little capsule of sunshine, gone…
It was a week before the pills came back, but this time they were not alone! Two men came through the door, ghastly looking with yellowing skin and protruding bones, with cracked lips and crazy smiles. We stare at them and they stare at us, then one man gets up and hands my mother the pills he whispers something, I just catch the words as his sunken eyes fix on me “kill her or your both die”. Then he pockets the pills and both men leave.
Months pass we are both dieing, what sick price is that a life for a life! Mother would never and that’s when I feel the hands around my throat. I gasp letting my remaining oxygen supply slip, I don’t fight why would I? All I can do is die…

The author's comments:
From knowing that some forms of love can only exstend so far, so if you find it and its true you should always hold on to it.

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