A dream come true

October 1, 2012
Everyone wants to have their dreams come true. I had a dream that was inspired by a story book. Cinderella to be exact. I’ve always had a dream to be like a princess and finally maybe this dance will change my impossible dream and turn it into something that is possible. The dance was coming up and their inspiration was Cinderella. I am so excited it would be like a mascaraed thing. I really want this to be like the movie I want to be Cinderella. I match the part, blond hair, green eyes. The only problem was…

“HARPERELLA!” I heard one of my step sisters say.
My name is Harper not Harperella. They only call me that cause I like to be a princess and I do all the chores in the house and that I will never find a guy cause I have hand me down clothes.
“HARPERELLA!” My other step sister said.
“IM COMING!” I yelled and looked at myself one more time and sighed then went downstairs.
“HARPERELLA!” They screamed as they fought over my blue sweater that I had a limited attention to it.
“THAT’S MINE!” I said and going for my vintage sweater.
“Its ours now,” They said pulling it away.
“BUT THAT’S MY FATHERS!” I said tearing.
My father died from a stage accident. He was very famous even I couldn’t get to him. He gave me this sweater for my 14th birthday then he disappeared. It was a vintage James manalo shirt saying world peace and a peace sign to it. He signed it himself just cause it was the only one of its kind. He gave it to me and said exactly “Never let your dreams faze Harper. believe” I always wore it inside the house because it was too valuable to take outside. But now I regret keeping it on the couch for a few seconds.
“So?” They laugh and Meli the one on the right says. “I know just what to do with this.”
She held a tight grip on it and pulled at it.
“NO!” I screamed and ran towards her.
To late the sweater ripped to pieces. They left and threw it to the floor and walked away saying, “Clean that up harperella.”
I sobbed as I kneeled by the remaining parts of my sweater. I hate them so much… they have no talent or any beauty. They are truly my ugly step sisters. I swear my life is a living Cinderella story. Tears ran down my cheeks as if they were meant to. My dad was gone. The only thing I had to look for was the dance coming. I continue to sob as the doorbell rang. I got up and walked through the mansion towards the door. I thought about my father. I thought about my horrid step mom. I thought about my step sisters. And I thought about… I opened the door and he was there. Tall muscular cute, the captain of the football team, my best friend and love. Micheal Rester was at the door looking down at me and giving me a glorious smile.
“Hi harper good to see you why are you crying?” He said leaning on the door frame.
My heart stopped and everything went black after that moment.

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MMsunshine- This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 14, 2012 at 3:00 am
like the new twist on the story :) *thumbs up* keep it up
eaglesnester said...
Oct. 5, 2012 at 8:51 am
nice work!
FinnTheHuman replied...
Oct. 5, 2012 at 9:00 am
Job well done! 10/10. I liked it :D
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