Roadside Assistance

September 27, 2012
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The headlights glare widened as the vehicle came into view. He sat there crouched, waiting for just the right moment to begin. Everything was planned down to the last second, so this needed to be perfect. This was the birth place of all; the dawn of a new future. He took one last calculated breath in and jumped out of his concealed hiding place into the sherbet sunset rays. Just as calculated, the car came to a skidding stop. A short, brunette woman stepped out of the car. He gave her one premeditated smirk in anticipation to what was to come. He was upon her, knocking her out before the scream gurgling in her throat came from her mouth. Stuffing her in the trunk of her car, he drove off, into the now purple strawberry glimmering twilight.

While driving he began to question the timing. Was he driving the car fast enough? Not fast enough? Did he take too long getting her in the car? There were too many variables. Thinking back to the planning process, when this whole idea was just being birthed, that was the hardest thing to configure into the equation. The human variable; humans were so imperfect that it was almost impossible to factor them into the scenario. When he began the experimental process, there were so many failures that he almost gave up. Finally he decided that the only way for this plan to work was to target specific people. It wasn't exactly what he was going for from the start, but they had the same end results. It would have to do, seeing as the human being was outrageously hard to predict.

Pulling back into the present, he made a right turn down a dusty, dirt road. Following it to the end, he stopped in front of a locked double-door fence. He went to the trunk of the car to pull her unconscious body out. He gently lifted her petite body from the vehicle and placed her over his shoulder. He began the long trek to the farm house where the real maneuver would take place.

The trail was overgrown with a variety of bushes and tall grasses. This made it difficult to walk through, especially while carrying extra weight. What made this trail so hard to trudge, also made it the perfect location. It was at the end of a secluded road marked with 'private property.' The trail was nearly impossible to find, unless the person looking knew about said trail. Thus making this setting a difficult to use, but ideal, choice.

After what seemed like hours, he finally made it to the edge of the farm. He shuddered with pleasure when he imagined what lay in the future; he shook the images out of his head. He needn't get ahead of himself, just one step at a time, there was no room for mistakes. He could barely see the red, chipped barn walls in the hazy night light as he approached the house. Tripping his way through the dark night, he made it to the house. He clumsily threw his hand out fumbling about for the handle. Once in his hand he yanked open the door, the hinges made a whispered creaking noise that only the surrounding trees could enjoy.

He hurried inside. Time was running out and she would awaken soon. When she did, he needed to be fully prepared for the next step. He scuttled down the steps to the basement, placed her on the cold, metal slab, and quickly began the organization process. He took a quick peek at the watch on his wrist: 12:57am. He was farther behind than he previously had thought. He took a quick look at her body, the only movement was that of the in and outtake of her breath. He still had time, only minutes, but time all the same.

Bustling around the room, he gathered up all he needed. He placed the supplies on top of a makeshift platter made up of a cookie tray and a bar stool. He double checked to make sure all was in their place: syringe, scalpel, forceps, cotton swabs, iodine, and a needle and thread. He had forgotten the most important piece of all. The part that made what he was doing have a purpose. The chip.

He stared down at the woman on the table. The lady was in the peak of her life: mid-thirties, in-shape with a runner's build. No health issues what so ever. That's why he picked her. It will come on so suddenly, with no warning what-so-ever. With in days she will be sick, weeks she will be unable to move, and in months she will be dead. No trace will be left, nothing to lead back to him if there was a case filed. It will seem as if she died suddenly from unknown medical causes. All because of this little chip. It attacks the immune system with a deadly cell-eating virus. There is no cure and no hope for the victim.

Slowly he stabbed her with an anesthesia-filled syringe. This will keep her unconscious for another four hours, plenty of time to finish the operation and get her back. He took the scalpel and made a smooth incision exactly two inches below the armpit on her left side. He placed the chip five centimeters below the skin using the forceps. He quickly sewed up the hole with one stitch. Using the cotton swabs and iodine. he cleaned up any excess blood around the incision. Without putting anything away, he hefted her body over his shoulder once again and began the strenuous hike back to her car.

The heavens color had deepened into a sapphire, maroon force of night sky hues. Once again he opened the trunk and gently put her inside. Reversing, he pulled around and drove back down the gritty, earth road. He quickly arrived to were the drive intersects the highway. This time taking a left, he drove back in the direction where the abduction first occurred, speeding up as time went on.

He pulled to a stop where they first met. He hauled her out of the back, set her in the drivers seat, buckled her up, and shut the door. He glanced down at his watch as he walked away from his first victim: 6:25 am. The sun was just barely breaking over the barren, desert soils.The shady indigo light beams bounced off the mangled, dry branches of the sparse trees. Death is the only living thing for miles, for the only living thing awaits her death.

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