Three Times

June 3, 2012
By schaa BRONZE, Singapore, Other
schaa BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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One by one her tears flowed, wetting her crimson cheeks - but the young lady had no intention of wiping them. She sad there, staring at the vacant space in front of her. Her body was here, but her soul - elsewhere. Overhead, the dim light flickered. Once. Twice. None.

Oblivious to her being enshrouded in darkness, she did not move an inch from where she sat. It was only when her neighbour's dog howled in the distance that she woke up from her conscious slumber. Like an old being, she got up slowly and made her way to her drawer. Clutching the handle with her bony fingers, she pulled it open, grabbed something from the inside and immediately dropped back to the floor like her life depended on it. She held the item up against the moonlight.

Smiling as it gleamed, she shakily brought it closer to her being.

She let out a piercing scream as it sliced through her wrist.


Her hands were shaking as her right arm raised itself to strike, yet again. Halfway, she collapsed, unable to withstand the excruciating pain no longer. As the pen knife dropped onto the floor, a resounding clang echoed against the four bare walls of her room. Her lips curled into a smile as she watched the blood flow. She felt her left hand twitch but made no attempt to protect her open wound.

She felt pain, physically.

But she knew it wasn't enough. She deserved more. So much more. She deserved to die. Deserved to die and then be sent to the fiery depths of hell, where she would burn, where she would pay for her sins.

She knew she was ugly. Fat. Miles away from perfect. She was stupid. Dumb. Clueless about every damned thing. She was a burden to everyone. Including herself. Wanted by no one. Especially her parents. They had abandoned her. Her birth was an accident. An accident that shouldn't have happened.

She felt pain, emotionally.

Unrequited love. She loved him. But he loved her. She had been by his side for 10 years. Her? 4, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that Nate Jefferson never looked at her as more than a best friend and a sister. It hurt her. Hurt her so badly, she would rather dissappear from the face of Earth then live on it without having him.

Natasha Derrick.

The woman she loathed the most. But she was also the woman dearly loved and cherished by Nate. Jenny Park never knew whether to smile because she was best friends with the man she loved most or cry because they couldn't be something more.

Natasha was everything that she wasn't. Thin. Bubbly. Caring. Pretty. Good-hearted. Cheerful. Kind. The list goes on. Oh how she felt like strangling that woman whenever she saw her. Beat her into a pulp with no mercy. But Jenny couldn't. If she did so Nate would be heartbroken. She would be the cause of it. And she didn't want that. She never wanted him to cry tears of sadness because of her. Only happiness.

She knew she had to stop being the third wheel. She had to let go. But letting go of Nate after all this years would be like letting go of the oxygen that's been giving her life. She would die.

However she knew the only way to make him happy would be to leave them alone. And so she did.

Reaching the blade, she brought it close to her chest. Raising it and aiming for perfection, she pierced her heart. Just like Cupid's arrows that had pierced hers.






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