Seeing Double

June 1, 2012

There is a creak on the floor underneath me. “Shoot” I should know better than that. Out of all the spots on the stained cream carpet, I step on the one place where it creaks. I have to be quiet until “she” comes home. I am pacing in my room, very nervous, when she finally walks in. Thank you! Sometimes I love the strait, light brown hair and the bright green eyes, a mirror image of me, when I look at her face. And sometimes I wish that it would all go away. I flop down on the black and green bed, looking up at the dull purple ceiling, glad that I don’t have to be mute anymore. One day I am the most popular and outgoing 13-year-old girl at Bellford Middle School. The next I am the smart, shy girl at East view Middle School. Since I have bilocation-the ability to be in two places at once-I can have a life to keep my parents happy, and one to keep me happy. My parents are always nagging about how I have to do good in school, however I just want to have fun with my life. Yes, of course I have to pay attention to school, but I don’t want to be the low-life loser that sits in the back of the classroom with no friends. That is what “she” is for. She goes to school and pleases my parents. She is the one my parents see and hang out with and talk to. I am the one that is the most popular girl in school. However it comes with a price, I don’t get to hang out with my parents or my adorable little sister. They don’t even know I exist. I have to be quiet when “she” is not home, and I have never even seen more than my room and the bathroom in my house, everything at home is secret. I get food through her and at the events in the family, but I love my outside life, it is where I have the most freedom. Even though it can come in handy, living a double life is very hard. At least I am the controlling one, I can make her appear, or make her leave. However I’m not sure how to make her disappear forever…


“Brandi,” My mom hollers as she is coming up the stairs “Did you finish packing?”

Oh man, got to hide, got to hide. I jump into the closet…no they need the closet for packing. I dive under the bed, as dust shoots up in my face. Just in time. My mom walks in. They are leaving for this wonderful vacation to an exotic island, called Jamaica or something, on Friday so I will have the house to myself for a week. This will make it easier for me, not having to hide all the time, and I can finally see what my house looks like. Maybe I’ll actually get some decent food, other that Brandi’s leftovers. Of course, being the goody-goody she is, Brandi has had everything packed for weeks now.

“Yup, everything is packed and ready to go.”

“Okay good, now all I have to worry about is packing my clothes, your dad’s and Lilly’s.” She says as she exits with a sigh.

Thank god, I could’ve sworn that there was a spider under that bed. When I crawl out from under the bed, with a coat of dust on me, I see Brandi in the corner of the room doing her homework, even though we practically are the same person we don’t talk very much to each other. I decide to get some of my homework done. After about an hour Brandi goes down for dinner, and I’m all alone. I have finished my homework, so I decide to go on the laptop until my dinner comes to me.

I am now basically dying of starvation, when she walks in, holding a cold slice of pizza, a soggy salad, and a glass of warm water. Surprisingly, this is high quality food for me. I devour the food before she even gets a chance to sit down. Now it’s time for her to leave. Every night before bed I combine our two bodies so I can sleep peacefully. I’m not really sure how it happens though; she leaves at night, but always comes back in the morning. We both close our eyes and latch onto each other, and in an instant she is gone. I watch TV, while I’m lying in bed and drift to sleep.


The next morning I get up and she is already out of my body somehow, and ready for school. She leaves in fifteen minutes. I get dressed, and have her get me breakfast before she leaves. When she leaves for school, I do my hair and makeup. My best friend Lilly texts me that she is waiting for me outside, she is the only one that knows about my bilocation. I climb out the window and land safely on the grass. She is there waiting for me. We go through people’s yards to avoid being seen by my parents, and finally arrive at school. At school I go through a regular day. We have a fire drill ninth period thankfully and I get out of my math test.

I climb up the rope ladder that Brandi puts out when she sees me coming and get into my room. They are leaving tomorrow so the room looks bare with almost nothing left. I put my bag down and am walking to the laptop when my mom barges in, with both of us standing side by side staring right at her…

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