The Silent Butler

May 31, 2012
By alexreedisaboss BRONZE, Mauston, Wisconsin
alexreedisaboss BRONZE, Mauston, Wisconsin
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He was the only man that knew that house in and out, up and down, side to side and any way that you could think possible. He always seemed to be around exactly when you needed him, but you never noticed him arrive because of his silent personality. This of course, was the Jefferson’s butler. No one knew what his name actually was, but they all knew him as the silent butler. He never spoke but he always came to work in the finest clothing. He wore neatly ironed, black dress pants, with a pair black dress shoes; always shined to perfection, a white, feathered button up shirt with a long, red, silk tie, and a black suit coat over that. The butler always made sure that everything that he did was done as carefully and skillfully as possible. He would often make a bed four or even five times to make sure that it was perfect. He was not just cautious and extreme in his work habits at work, but at home as well. This is where he kept his wife, hidden from the world, and only to be had by himself
While the butler was always silent at work, he was entirely different person once he arrived home. He would enter his home the same way everyday when he arrived home.
“Honey, I’m home,” he would yell from the entrance of his three story home,”Did you miss me while I was gone.”
His entrance was always replied by the shrieks and moans that emanated from his wife’s gagged mouth. He began to climb the stairs, and once reaching the top, headed to the left toward his, and his wife’s, bedroom.
“Honey look what you have done, you’re struggling has caused your cuts to bleed again,” he said with a rather surprising amount of care in his voice,”Well looks like we are going to have to clean it up.”
Without hesitation he reached into a small bowl of water next to the bed and pulled a rag, and began to clean the wounds. He lightly patted the wounds, and cleaned them up as perfectly as could be and with extreme care.
“You know darling, I feel as though you aren’t happy here with me anymore,” the butler said almost disappointed,”This is the third time this has happened, and I think it might be time i send you to a better place.”
The normally silent, well dressed, seemingly harmless butler reached into the bed stand and pulled out a large gun. He took the pillow out from under her head and placed it over her face. He placed the gun to the pillow, where it was pointed right between her eyes underneath, and pulled the trigger releasing the bullet from the gun. The pillow silenced the normally loud explosion that would have come from the barrel of the gun. As the butler blew away the smoke from the pistol and gently wiped it off he said,” I love you honey.”

The author's comments:
I wrote it for an assignment and I think it rocks socks!

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on Aug. 20 2012 at 9:50 pm
photolover26 SILVER, Napa, California
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Ah yes, the Silent Butler... good memories. Just writing murder stories with my favorite MHS Senior- and that's all I have to say about that.

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