May 22, 2012
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A car was running on the main highway of Himachal Pradesh. Sonia was driving it continuously for 10hrs, with the help of a map. Sonia was a private detective. She was totally new in this route. After driving for 10 hrs. she reached a diversion point. She checked her map but this diversion was not pointed on the map. She preferred to wait for seeking help. There was almost no traffic on the highway. After waiting for half an hour she saw a man who had a book in his hand. She asked the man for the correct route. He indicated her towards the road which seemed less travelled. She followed his instruction without giving even second thought. Hardly had she travelled 1KM, car got punctured. Although she had another tyre in reserve but it was impossible for her to change the tyre alone. She again waited for any help. There were no lights even. It seemed no residence nearby. She lost all hope and decided to change tyre by herself. While she was trying she felt someone's presence. She turned and found the same man was standing there. She told him whole incident. Then both combined their effort and changed the tyre. She offered a lift in order to thank him. Initially he refused but later agreed. After 15 minutes she felt uncomfortable in driving the car. She felt some force was not allowing her to drive the car. Her legs were automatically pressing the break. She stopped the car and came out. She realised that 11 hrs. of continuous drive had that effect. After refreshing she continued her journey. Sonia introduced herself and asked about him. Stranger told "his name is raj and he is a struggling writer". He was returning from a publishing company who refused to publish his work. He was going to keep his book in library. After about 5 minutes of silence he signaled to stop the car. Sonia was confused as there were no sign of any library. Raj thanked her and disappered in darkness before she could utter a word. She continued her journey. At last she reached her destiny at midnight. She was shocked to see only house in wilderness. There was no residence nearby. Condition of house revealed that no one had lived in that since years. That night she managed to sleep in the car only. Next day she cleaned up the house and reported in her office. She made few friends there. She almost meets Raj every day on highway while returning from office.Both turned out to be a good friend. One day when she returned from office she was too tired of her work so went early into bed. Just after her sleep she saw a dream. The dream was of a pregnant lady who was in last month of her pregnancy. Lady was in her bed and was trying to sleep. The lady heard a knock as soon as she closed her eye. She was confused as she hadn't expected any one to come her home in late night. She switched on the main light but it didn't work. Then she switched on the night bulb which worked. Then she lightened a candle and opened the door. There was no one outside. She was about to close the door, she found a little blood droplet at the door. She again searched outside but no one was there. She decided to call police but phone was out of order. Sense of worry and fear spread in her vain. She closed all the window and door and went in to her room. She felt uncomfortable when she entered the room. Suddenly a cold breeze from the cupboard blew off the candle. Slowly she moved towards the cupboard. Suddenly door of the cupboard opened up and a creature crawled out of it. She moved few steps backward. It was an ugly looking monster. Blood was pouring from all over its body. Its face was covered with hair. Due to low illuminicity only it’s glittering yellow eye and pale teeths having no skin on the face was visible. It crawled slowly towards her. Blood prints spread where ever it touched the ground. Red light of the night bulb was making the scene more horrible. She shouts for help but no one was available. All this was enough to faint the pregnant lady. That creature reached her and tiered her body in two parts with its sharp nail. It took out the unborn child and did same with him. Suddenly horrified Sonia woke up from the dream.She drunk a glass of water and slept again.
Next morning she reached her office on time and got her first case; a murder case. When she reached the murder scene her face turned pale. Victim was same lady and unborn child whom she saw last night in dream. Condition of house was also similar. Her last night dream became reality. But she didn't tell anybody about it. After working hard for a week she didn't get any clue. One day she was working on the case till late night. She felt severe pain in her head. She closed her work and went in to bed. Very soon she was again in dream. In dream she saw a man in his early 40 was watching a horror movie alone in his house at mid night. He was feeling sleepy. So he paused the movie and went to wash room to wash his face. He opened the tap closed his eye and splashed water on his face. When opened his eye he couldn't believe what he saw. His wash basin was full of blood which was pouring from his face. When he looked in mirror there was not a single spot of blood. He was terrified. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He was frightened. He went to drawing hall to open the door. He looked through door hole but there was no one outside and the paused movie was playing by its own. He switched off the TV and as he turned to his bedroom he saw blood was coming through window. Within no time blood coming from the window took the shape of same creature which had killed the pregnant lady. His body was already drained with the blood pouring from his face. The ugly creature started crawling towards him. Its glittering eyes and skinless face was partially visible. Before he could understand what was happening there he found his legs were in the hand of the creature. He fell down on the floor in order to free his leg from its clutch. It slowly started licking his body. He tried to protest but only symbolic as he was hypnotised by its glittering eye. Its tongue was similar to snake. It licked all his skin and ate his flesh. Horrified Sonia got up from the dream and wished her dream not come true again.
While Sonia was on her way to office in the morning she received a call from her office and was asked to reach an address for another murder mystery. When she reached there she couldn't believe what she saw in dream was repeated in reality. Person and house were same as in dream. She was surprised and horrified. Now she was compelled to think that there must be any correlation between both cases. But she couldn't find any connection between the two. She was frustrated with her work in day and with her dream in night. She needed some change from her daily routine. On her way to home she met Raj walking with his book. She thought reading his book would give her some change. So she asked Raj to give his book for a few days. As an ideal friend he gave her the book. He wished her good luck before disappearing into dark. After dinner she started reading the book. Title of the book was "MYSTREY CONTINUE...”. It was strange but first page of the book was more Stanger. "ALL CLUES ARE AT THE ENDS" was written on the first page of the book. It seemed a stupid start of a book. Sonia corrected the word "ENDS" with "END" and realised why all publisher denied publishing his book. There was a mistake on the front page. As next day was holiday so she read the book till late night and woke up late in the morning. After breakfast she continued the book and finished it in noon. It was unusual in many aspects. It contained a thriller story but writer had left it on the reader to reveal the mystery of murder. She read whole story many time to solve the mystery but failed.
Next day while she was working on the case in office she saw photographs taken at both murder. She observed closely and found one thing common in both photographs, a book. It was the same book which she read last night. She recalled her first conversation with Raj. According to him the book was never published then how it reached at both murder places. She got clue. She went both the places but book was not there. She asked every one but no one had seen anybody taking that book. She was totally confused. She searched about the book and author on net. There was not much information as book was never published. There was one article which made the case clear. It stated that writer of the book Raj Khorana was a psycho killer who killed his wife first and later 4 police officer to escape from jail. This much information was enough to turn her face pale. She wanted to talk about it with him. But he didn't meet her that day. There were many questions in her mind. She again started reading the book and with hope to get answer of her question but stucked on the first line of the book “ALL CLUES ARE AT THE ENDS". What was the mystery which Raj wanted to tell? Was it related to the case? She had lots of question in her mind but unable to reveal. Suddenly she got an idea. If writer was right then there must be many end as he had used the word "ends" instead of "end". Book contained 17 chapters. She took last word from each chapter and placed in same order. It stated "Every One Who Read This Book Will Die Nothing Can Harm Me Which Have Ever Seen Sunlight". Suddenly she heard a knock. She got frightened. She didn't take much of her time to realise that her end was near. She composed herself. She realised that clue was about this monster only. She looked around but couldn't find anything in the house which would not have come in contact of sunlight. Suddenly a large area of her house turned in to marshy land. A hand similar to Skelton having long nail came out of it. She was still looking for something which can help her. She got a hacksaw in her store room. As she saw hacksaw she got an idea. But it was sucidal.She hold it in one hand and started cutting her one leg. Meanwhile whole body of the creature came out of land. It crawled towards her. She was crying in pain but didn't stop. Soon her leg was in her hand. She removed flesh from it and hold bone in her hand. By the time monster had also reached there. She didn't look towards it as she knew she will get hypnotised. As the monster reached her body she dogged the bone in its body. It disappeared with a loud cry. Somehow she reached to the phone and called Karan for help. Karan was her office partner. Karan came and took her to hospital. She was bleeding very badly. After 7 days she was discharged. Karan informed her that their boss Rahul Sharma was found dead on the same day when she was hospitalised and she is promoted to new chief. As she heard this she asked Karan to take her to office. She again opened the murder file in which Raj was considered guilty. She looked the photograph of both the murder. In some of them book was present but was missing in other. She matched the time printed on it with visitor list and found there was only one person who visited both the place, her BOSS MR SHARMA. "It means master mind of everything was MR Sharma" She said to herself. She wanted to meet Raj. Karan dropped her to home but she didn't find Raj anywhere on the way. When she entered the house she found Raj lying in a corner. He looked sick. He called her and told he want to say something. When she reached there he told "I was innocent and had not killed anyone. I was under the spell of Sharma. Sharma compelled me to kill my own wife and later 4 police officer. He acquired all my property and made me his puppet to continue his evil show. I knew the way to finish it but had no idea how to do it so i left it on other to find it. Sharma killed the lady because she was his extramarital affair but he didn't want to be the father of her child. The man who died was her brother and he knew about both. You were expected to get promotion and replace him so he wanted to kill you. I wanted to tell u but couldn't as I was in his spell and did the thing which he wished." With that word he died. Report revealed that he died due to mental harassment. Later she told the police whole incident and filed the case against dead Rahul Sharma in which he was found guilty. All the charges against Raj were cancelled. Later she left the city and returned back to Delhi to continue her job.

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