Jack (Frost)

May 10, 2012
By Jlabisch SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
Jlabisch SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
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It was midnight in a small town in Georgia. The night was unrelenting with its darkness and heat, a typical climate for sleeping time. In the morning everyone would awake and rise to their daily challenges. Most men worked in the textile factory, while most women stayed home with the children. One family was different though. There were the Robinson’s. There was Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, both 3rd shift factory workers. They had two boys, Jimmy and Bobby. One day, the oldest boy, Jimmy, was getting ready for school. His 6th grade class was going on a field trip today! How exciting. He hadn’t been on one in a few years. As he ate his breakfast, sitting on the living room sofa, he heard the weather man speak of a strange weather pattern that would soon sweep through his town. It would get cold, very cold. 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a 60% chance of precipitation. It might snow! Jimmy had never seen real snow before. In pure excitement, he put his shoes on quickly. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends at school. He jogged outside and climbed up the steps of the school bus. He got to school and packed everything into his locker quickly. Jimmy and his friends talked about it all day. They talked about what it would look like and what they would build with it. Once the school day was over, Jimmy barged inside his front door. He quickly ran into his room. Kneeling at the foot of his bed, Jimmy prayed for snow. He went back to the living room and turned on the news. The meteorologist joked and said, “Close your windows tonight folks, unless you want Jack Frost nipping at your nose”. Jimmy chuckled. The night went on and his heart stayed full of anticipation for a miraculous day filled with white, wintry wonder. Eventually, his eyes got heavy and he fell asleep. The town turned off its lights and went to bed as well. It was midnight again in a town in Georgia. A rare cold front came sweeping through the normally humid subtropical climate, leaving a dusting of snow and ice atop each patch of grass. Homes were blanketed in a thin sheet of shimmering white. At around 3 am, Jimmy awoke to a strange tearing noise. Then, a blood-curdling shriek. He sprang from his sheets and ran out of his room. He heard more tearing and a strange sobbing noise coming from his brother’s room. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He burst into the room, only to see Bobby’s face being torn off by a little icy, white man. He laughed ominously, as he tore the final flap of skin from Bobby’s face, and leaped out of the window. Bobby lay on his bed, attempting to breathe through the sanguinary mass that was once his face, spewing forth blood bubbles. The crimson fluid leaked into his throat and lungs and he suffocated. Jimmy’s jaw dropped and he fell to his knees. He crawled over to Bobby’s bed, shaking in terror and disbelief. Grabbing onto the bed frame, Jimmy pulled himself to the top. He whispered Bobby’s name and got no response. He screamed and yelled for help. His parents were busy at their third shift jobs, and could offer no helping hand. Jimmy lay next to his brother and wept, soaking in his brother’s blood. In the morning, his parents came home. They found Jimmy asleep grasping his dead brother with a knife in his hand. They screamed and called the police, as Jimmy awoke. Mrs. Robinson accused Jimmy of killing Bobby. Mr. Robinson asked, “WHY, JIMMY?!” Jimmy told them what really happened, a little ice man came and ripped off Bobby’s face, but no logical adult would believe that. The police arrived and took Jimmy away. A few months later, Jimmy was convicted with murder and sentenced to 10 years in a juvenile mental institution.

The author's comments:
Creepy, fun.

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