Scary Story

May 8, 2012
I step out into the crisp, cool, air and start walking. I hear quiet but fast paced footsteps behind me and start walking a little faster. The footsteps grow faster as mine do, so I turn around to see who, or what it is. All I se is a hooded figure with a big, long object that is heading straight for my face, and I pass out.

I awaken to the sound of what seems like a thousand chainsaws. I try to sit up but I can’t when I hit my head, realizing I am in a small metal cage. My vision is blurry but I can make out a big machine in the center of the large, dark room. Cages are in never-ending rows all around the room and each cage holds a small child. Blood is splattered everywhere, and the only light is hanging in the center of the room. My vision clears and I am brought back to reality when I hear a piercing scream. I look up and see blood spray everywhere. A chill goes down my back and I see a man unlock a cage a few down from mine and grab a girl about six years old out of it. I go pale.

Fighting as hard as she can, she struggles, but the man is strong. Hauling her up the stairs, he gets to the top and quickly pushes her into the machine. Another scream and more blood. I get nauseous and puke. There is a cage next to mine and a little boy sits in it bawling as a tall, bulky man come to unlock it. As he pulls the boy out, he turns to me and smirks as he mouths the words “Your next.”

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