May 4, 2012
By Awsumness44 SILVER, Hanover, Pennsylvania
Awsumness44 SILVER, Hanover, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”
-Edgar Allan Poe

"Normal Is Calming But Maddness Is More Interesting."
-Russell Raven

              One day a boy named Carson and his three friends Jimmy, Barry, and Tallinn were driving through New Hampshire. It was 6 o'clock just starting to get dark and they were deep in the woods when their car suddenly stopped. "Oh cr(p, we're out of gas!" the driver Barry said.
              "Do you have any extra?" Carson asked. 
              "No," replied Barry
              "You idiot, if you knew we were going all the way to Florida why didn't you pack any extra gas" Jimmy said in a harsh tone.
             "Calm down Jimmy," Carson said pulling his phone from his pocket, "We'll just call for help," Carson looked at the top left hand corner of his phone to see he had no signal. "Cr*p no signal!" 
              "Me neither," Barry said slipping his phone back into his pocket.
              "Same," Tallinn said.
              "No luck," Jimmy announced. 
              "Guess we're gonna have to walk to the next gas station," Tallinn said before he exited the car. 
              "There's flashlights in the back," Barry stated as he popped the trunk. Carson opened his door to feel brisk air that pierced his skin and raised the hair on his arms.
              "Here," Tallinn said tossing a flashlight toward Carson. The freezing metal stunned him as he caught it in his right hand. The boys left the car aimlessly walking alone through the dark woods they heard a raven cry out behind them Barry screamed.
              "Barry don't be a wus it's a raven," Jimmy told him. 
              "No you don't get it do you know why ravens are always in horror movies," Barry replied.
              "Oh great another one of Barry's fun facts,"
              Barry continued ignoring the comment, "Ravens can sense death they are attracted to the smell of sickness corpses," Barry informed. "So either one of us is about to die of the bubonic plague..." Barry said sarcastically. "Or there's a corpse in these woods, those are the only two reasons a raven would come so close to a human."
              Carson could feel him self shivering trying as hard as he could to stop he started to get a bad feeling. Jimmy opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the fluttering of wings. Carson directed his attention to the raven witch was now soaring through the air. It landed on the roof of an old house and then disintegrated into darkness vanishing like a ghost into the night sky. 
              This sent a chill down Carson's spine. But the hopes that someone might be in the house that could help neutralized his fear. "Look there's a house!" Carson yelled joyfully. 
              "He's right!" Tallinn announced, pointing at the house. The boys ran to the door.
              "Hello?"Carson asked as he knocked on the door. There was no answer. He tried again knocking harder on the second knock the door fell over with a loud thud. Cobwebs and dust consumed the room that the door had led to. It looked like the kitchen. 
              "Alright the best way to do this is to split up search the house for anything that could help us get the car running again or anything else," Jimmy informed them. "Carson me and you'll take upstairs Tallinn Barry you check down here."
              "Jimmy it'll be safer if we all stick together." Carson preached
              "Not you too," Jimmy complained looking at Carson as if he wanted an answer. "Fine! I'll go by myself chicken," Jimmy harassed.
              "Jimmy!" Carson demanded.                    
              "Let him go, what could happen?" Tallinn asked in an attempt to calm Carson down. So Carson, Barry, and Tallinn started looking around downstairs. 
              "Hey Barry, Car come check this out," Tallinn demanded. Walking into the room they saw what Tallinn had been talking about, a record player. 
              "You think it still works?" Carson asked. 
              "I don't know," he said, before they heard a loud scream from upstairs. They ran upstairs to see Jimmy in a puddle of blood on the floor. There was an S carved into his back and his tongue was cut off, he was surrounded by pictures. 
              "Wh- what happened to him?" Barry asked in a frightened voice. Suddenly the record player downstairs started playing repeating the word "Silenced" over and over in a scratchy voice. 
              "Looks like it works, kinda," Tallinn observed. 
              "Guys look at these pics,"  Carson commanded. All the pictures had people walking through the woods. All the people had a red S over them matching the knife marks on Jimmy's back. Tallinn held up a picture looking at it in horror. 
              "What's wrong," Barry asked. Tallinn said nothing but turned the picture around so Barry, and Carson could see. It was a picture of them walking through the woods but Jimmy was S-ed out. 
              "Don't know bout you guys but I think we should stay in the car for tonight," 
              "Ya, same here," Tallinn said. 
              "Me too," Barry agreed. So after Carson slipped the picture in his pocket, they ran out of the house and back to the car. It was pouring down rain now. Suddenly Barry stopped. Carson walked up to him. 
              "What's wrong?" Carson asked Barry. Then he saw a knife sticking through his chest he dropped to the ground to reveal an S carved in his back. Carson ran to the car as fast as he could. As he got in the car he realized Tallinn had disappeared. 
              He looked around for him and suddenly saw him on his right hung from ac tree with an S carved onto his chest. I looked strait ahead to see a dark figure in the distance. There was a sudden flash of lightning after which the man seemed to be closer. 
              Carson reached in his pocket to pull out the picture. There was an S on everyone but him. There was another strike of lightning and after it the mysterious figure was within feet of the car. He was mysterious no more Carson could now see every horrifying detail. 
              The mans face was littered with cuts and scars. The bottom of his jaw was torn off.    Blood spewed from his top jaw covering him in it. Suddenly the lightning flashed once more and the psycho disappeared. Then a hand came from the backseat covering Carson's mouth. He passed out. 
              He woke in a daze looking over to the passenger seat to see the man looking back at him.   He tried to scream but nothing came out. He looked down at his chest to see stitches. The man must have cut something out. The maniac reached over and with his knife slowly carved an S in his back. The man suddenly vanished leaving Carson to bleed to death in the darkness desperately trying to scream but all that came out was silence. 

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