Every Moment

March 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Every morning I wake up and face the world. I put on a brave face and meet my doom. Every morning I have to deal with the father that likes beating his daughter. Every morning I have to see the two older brothers who want to do nothing, but make their sisters life a living hell.
Every afternoon I have to go to the same school where the teachers ignore me. The same place where every student keeps their distance, but this doesn’t stop the whispers I hear everywhere I go. The only place that I can get away from all the screaming, and all of the abuse.

Every evening I have to endure dinner, which consist of barley bread and water, and hope my father forgets about my daily beating. Every evening I have to feel my father’s fist pounding me to a pulp. Not even trying to stay awake. Keeping silent or it will be even worse. Every evening I watch my originally pale skin turn black and blue, and my body getting broken and bloody, then I wash away all of the evidence, because if someone finds out, I will be a goner.

But I am not going to be stuck in this living nightmare. I am going to escape from here. So every evening I sit on the floor, and slide the knife across my wrist, slowly letting all of my pain bleed out. But this night, I am going to finish it. I make the blade go in deeper, and the pain encourages me to go on. With both wrist slashed, I lie down and let the warm darkness overcome me. Smiling as it all fades to black.

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