The Death of Penelope Rose

February 21, 2012
The water ran through me, wrapping around like cool silk. My dress floated up, around me; blurry in my vision. I looked up towards the dancing light sparkling over the clear, dark lake. In my ears, the water sang softly and muffled. Like an angel calling out to me. But in my head, everything was like glass; silence vibrated against it, awakening death. It called death, and death came. He came towards me slowly, reaching out bony hands wrapped in blackness.

I looked into his eyes, and saw a girl. The girl had long dark silky hair, and green eyes. She opened her mouth to speak to me, but nothing came out. Only dust and light whirled around like honey out of her mouth. Then she started to fade away. I reached out for her, but all i could grasp was Death's hair. He looked at me this time. He screamed, breaking the glass of silence. And i felt myself falling.

Death grabbed my hand, but i fought. He scratched and pulled, breaking my skin; and spilling blood into the clear, dark water. I opened my mouth, water gulped in and muffled my scream. I fought, and fought. I was losing. But, still i refused.

Something grabbed the focus of my eyes, and i strained to look. Light shone off the surface of something smooth and long; it clung onto Death's waist.

Death grabbed my arm, i yanked and pulled. Finally, i broke free with a yell of breaking hearts, everything broke free when i thrust Death's sword into his heart. The blade shriveled, and vibrated; sending off a pitch sound of light exploding from death's body. A dash of light and death swam and dashed around me, i was still falling.

I swam up, but still i was falling into blackness. And blackness was falling into me, a sudden needle-like pain struck my back. I screamed and reached for my back, fighting off whatever was on it. But all i felt was something like an attraction of magnates, and wet feathers. I squeezed my eyes shut, my eyes burned from the water. Light played underneath my eyelid, till i felt like i was running away from myself, away from life. I felt dizzy from it. I reached for my back and pulled but then felt as if i was pulling myself; a part of me. It weighed me down further, and i sunk down to the bottom.

I gave up, letting all of my efforts fade away. I slowly drifted into weariness. The bottom touched my back, and with a single touch, i was swallowed in blackness.

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