Guilty of Murder?

February 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Her Hair whipped her in the face with the gentle breeze. Her Perfect Ruby lips don't quiver despite the harsh sting. The world moans in grief and sorrow over the thing she did. If only I hadn't tried to get the ribbon if I had just closed my eyes and return back into my world. The world where I was in charge and everybody loved me. But I had to leave that world to go with the criminals, the word just stung. Criminal meant a person who is evil. I certainly am not evil. Though Sandy would be considered evil in my book. But I probably would have been seen as evil in her book to. Her book the one that was ripped up lying in a ditch somewhere in the Nevada desert.
Why had I killed her? Even I couldn't answer that. I think back to the day when it happened. When it all happened. She looked so peaceful in sleep, even if it was forced by a drug. I rocked my knuckles on the dashboard thinking of how I kidnapped her. I remember slipping open the window and tiptoeing into her room. Dropping a drop of liquid into her mouth and slowly picking her up and climbing o9ut the window. Tying her up and placing her in the backseat blindfolded and driving as fast as I could. When I arrived at the desert I dug a hole and simply placed her in it and filled it up. Since I was on the run my natural instinct was to hid, and hid I did. Who knows I could know you. I am planning on this again. Maybe you are my next target.

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