Red Water.

January 28, 2012
By JamieLynn BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
JamieLynn BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Sylvia stepped into the warm humid shower and submerged herself in the water. The supreme comfort of the droplets hitting her back was soothing. However, that wasn’t the intention of her cleansing. She reached onto the shelf and selected a new razor.
She stared at the silver blades as the water danced around her body. She couldn’t get caught, or her plan will be ruined. So she lowered her fist gently to her side, carefully palming the blade in her hand.

With a firm grip on the razor, she clasped it tightly in the center of her palm. A blossom of red oozed out of her hand, as she felt the sharp blades break her skin. It didn’t hurt her. For Sylvia, it was simply a way to cleanse her feelings just as well as her body. Either way, there was a lot of blood pouring onto the shower floor.

She had to close her eyes when she saw the amount of blood mixed in the water. It was thick and a candy apple red color. Sylvia eased her grip on the razor and let it drop to the ground. Her hand was submerged in a thick red substance. She felt herself collapse on the slippery floor.

Her head throbbed and ached as she reached to pull herself up. Now tears were mixing with the water as well. Her hand had the similarity of a red blossom flower, and when her fingers wrapped around the shelf, her palm stung with pain.

The chapped center of her hang was too slippery, she couldn’t grasp the shelf. She watched as the blood dripped from the shelf and her hand slid down the wall. Sylvia was light-headed and felt like falling asleep. The water around her gathered because she was lying on the drain, blocking the water’s escape.

Suddenly, she was out. The water level rose abover her chin very slowly, son approaching her nose. The color of the water was now a deep red, as her hand continued to bleed.

When Sylvia’s sister came home from school, she saw water surrounding the bathroom door.
“SYLVIA! Did you forget to turn off the sink?” She yelled angrily as she stomped inside the bathroom. But the water flooding the floor wasn’t pure. The tiles were tinted pink and the sound of running water was present in the shower.

When Sylvia’s sister pulled back the curtain, she jumped back.

Sylvia was submerged in the bathtub.


The author's comments:
Warning- do not read if you are sensitive to blood.

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