No Mercy

February 11, 2012
By cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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He screamed in pain. His body entirely overwhelmed with the burning affliction of white hot electricity. His mind blackened. He couldn't take it. It blazed his flesh. So hot. The pain was tormenting.


“I don't know!” He sobbed as another jolt of electricity swept through his entire body. He couldn't take this anymore.

“Let me make this simple, Marco. You tell me where the money is, and I just might let you live.”

“I swear! I really don't know! Please don't kill me!” He was completely drowned in pain. He couldn't take it. The chair, still blistering from the hot electricity, searing his raw skin. He couldn't think straight. He couldn't do anything. Helpless.

“Hmm, well I guess I'll just have to bring you're daughter in her and have my way with her?” he said with complete seriousness and arrogance, “Or perhaps your lovely wife Amy? Oh yes, I think that will work out very nicely. Don't you?”

“NO! Not my wife! Not my kids! Never, Please---” Another excruciating blast of fiery pain. He let out an exasperated scream. So much pain.

“Shut up. I don't need your sob story.”
Marco's stomach twisted. He hadn't eaten or slept in days. He couldn't feel anything anymore. But the torturing sensation of pain was still in his midst. He couldn't tell him. He couldn't. Not for anything. He would die if he told him. He would die if he didnt.....

“Perhaps I should try another method of getting information? Yes. I do believe so,” the man broke into a sly grin. But you could tell he was completely irritated with his stubborn victim.

He unstrapped Marco assiduously. Marco immediately sprang up from the hot seat and grabbed at the man trying with all his might to injure him or at least agitate him as much as he could. Trying to escape. He punched and clawed and kicked at the man. Marco knew he could get away with this because he still had information that the man wanted, and if he killed him, then the man wouldn't get this information. As Marco tried to run away, the man, and his overpowering strength, tackled him and began punching him. Blood poured out his mouth.

“Did you really, think you could evade me Marco?” the man said pausing in between each word to take another pummeling blow at Marco's face. The man had now successfully regained his controlling persona and arrogant mindset.

The man tied Marco's hands behind his back and pinned him down to a bed of nails. Marco was very scared. The nails were like tiny cold piercing bullets, making their way into his skin. . . Drops of blood gently made there way down Marco's back as the sharp nails jabbed into his skin. Marco became confused as the man then proceeded to leave the room. Marco seized this opportunity to try untie himself. He wobbled back and forth trying to get his hands free. He only made it worse. The nails dug further into his bloody tissue. The man returned a short while later, carrying what seemed to be a rather large hose. The likes of which would be used for a very heavy-duty job.
“Trying to escape again? Are we?” he chuckled as he turned it on. Water came gushing out the nozzle. He aimed it on Marco's face. Marco became enveloped in water. Marco was experiencing an extreme feeling of helplessness that he had never imagined or felt before. He couldn't breathe, the water was suffocating him. The water was so powerful. So much water in his eyes and his nose and his mouth. He couldn't see, or hear, and breath, nothing. Water filled his throat and lungs. He was choking He felt like he was drowning, but he wasn't in water, he was covered in blood... His own blood. He couldn't take it. He felt like he was nearing death. Finally, it stopped. Marco opened his eyes, the man was staring at him as if he was seeing if he had anything to say. Then, the man started to kick Marco's face and stomach... stepping on Marco, pressing his already dilapidated body even further into the bed of razor sharp nails. The insuing pain was impossible. The nails plunged into his backside further and he began to bleed out even more profusely.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Marco belted out in excruciating agony.

“You've had enough?” the man said calmly, and now more satisfied that he had regained control of the situation completely.

“YES I HAVE! P-PLEASE STOP!” he cried. Marco just wanted it to be over. He was spewing out blood from everywhere. So much pain. He couldn't take it any longer. It was over, the man had won. “The money, is- is in a s-safe in my h-house.” Marco barely managed to utter through his blood filled mouth. “The c-combination is 16-9-51-24, please. Don't hurt my wife....” He sobbed in a frenzy of tears and blood.

“See that wasn't so hard? Now was it?” the man boasted, as if he had just won.

The man pulled out a gun. Marco didn't care at this point. He just wanted to be put out of his misery. The man put his finger on the trigger.
“the money will never be yours” Marco whispered ever so faintly. The man obviously didn't hear him.
There was a loud gunshot.
The man had just killed Marco.

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