Thrilling Story 2

January 26, 2012
By KylaKitty39 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
KylaKitty39 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Main Characters:
Mika Leann(P.I)
Samantha Uzana (Assistant)
Camille Einii (Assistant)
Luke Saiyin (Other P.I)
Saiu Maru (Assistant)
Maiu Maru (Assistant)
Supporting Characters:
Dave (Chief of Police)
Kasin (Dubiety)
Ms. Koruhjime (Sensei)
Amie Curru (Popular Girl)
Yuki Kira (Popular Girl 2)
Ylla Ruula (Popular Girl 3)


“Like hell, I just want to know why we can't go on the trip with the Police Academy!” Sam was still whining about us not going on the trip. “We can't go because, one we're not apart of the Police Academy and two we have school which is starting....” The first bell cut me off. We started heading upstairs when I continued “....but even though I keep telling you this over and over again you just don't listen.” “It's not that I don't listen it's just that we're just as apart of the Academy than anyone there and nothing ever happens here ever. We go to some where, which has to be the most boring school alive.” Sam can complain and whine about everything there is. Today is our first day of our third year of High School. I'm as you know Mika Lean High School P.I and with me as usual are Sam and Cam my assistants. “Guys we need to hurry if we're late to Ms. K's on the first day she'll kill us.” We ran the rest of the way. We say Ms. K for short because we always seem to manage to mess up her name. When we got to the classroom we recognized most of the kids in the room from last year. As soon as we took out seats the second bell rang. We were safe Ms. K had us do brief introductions of ourselves. The kids I recognized from last year would have to be Mary I remember I had math with her last year, Bobby he was the go to guy for news about anything and anyone, Ethan he was the party guy he threw a party ever time his parents left him alone. And then there is them and by them I mean the top 3 (never wanna be) so called popular girls in our school Amie, Yuki and Ylla. The 3 of them get on my nerves they act like they're better than everyone else.

“Now if that's all of you I wont mind if you talk amongst yourselves but....” Before Ms. K could finish the 3 stooges came busting in the classroom. “Sorry we're late Ms. K! We woke up late today.” Of course it was Luke who spoke and the twins (Saiu and Maiu) who were behind him getting themselves together. “ I was saying I don't want too much noise....” As the 3 stooges were heading toward their seats Ms. K said “....but before that you 3 come up here to the front of the class and tell us a little about yourselves.” They all looked at each other then made there way to the front of the room and as they did I saw that Luke had a sort of smirk on his face and I knew that this could not go well. The twins introduced themselves first and as usual were talking together like one person “we are Saiu and Maiu the Maru twins we like playing games and playing with girls” I don't like the way they said that “and we work for Luke .” They both pointed at Luke. I've known Luke and the twins since last year and they are nothing but clowns. Then Luke started “well as most of you know I am Luke Saiyin and I'm a high school P.I and my hobbies would be relaxing and going out with as many girls as I can.” Some of the class giggled when he said that last part and when they started to take they're seats Luke added “and to all the ladies I am most certainly available!” The class started to laugh “ok class settle down, settle down. And you three thank you for that interesting introduction and now if that's everyone you may talk amongst yourselves but please do not make too munch noise.” When Ms. K sat back down at her desk that's when Sam and Cam moved over to me. As we talked I got a text message from chief Dave then Sam asked “who was the text from?”I laughed a little and then said “its from Dave he said he wants us to come to the station after school today for a surprise.” Cam got excited “surprise, what surprise did he say?” ..To be Continued

The author's comments:
I wrote this not to continue the first one but to write a different story with the same characters

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