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January 19, 2012
By JohnathanG BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
JohnathanG BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Utter destruction. Buildings destroyed completely or burned to the ground. Many people dead. Others completely paranoid or too afraid to leave their house. How did this all happen you might think? Well I’ll tell you, it all started a nice summer day in September.

Eric was a normal 14 year old boy living in the suburbs; he has been living alone with his mother for almost 3 years. 3 years ago on his 11th birthday his father and mother had an argument because Eric’s dad had invited his ex-wife to Eric’s birthday party; the thing is Eric’s mom doesn’t like his ex-wife at all. After the gruesome argument Eric’s dad left very mad at everyone at the same time. A week later he was found dead near a park around his house. The police said the most probable thing was that he was mugged and beaten to death. The lack of having a father in his life has caused him to have a very unnatural childhood. Some might say he has “problems” BUT that’s a different story.
“Mom!” said Eric “what do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy!” said his mom “Are we leaving yet? I’m getting bored” said Eric “well deal with it. I’m still packing YOUR bags. While all you’re doing is slacking off and doing absolutely nothing” “never mind I’m not bored.” Said Eric “whatever go feed the dog… or something.” “Fine.” Eric said as he stomped by. After playing mindless video games for about an hour he got up and made himself a sandwich.
“I told you not to open the chips until we got to camp Eric.” Said Eric’s mom “I didn’t mom!” “Well then how come their open?” said his mom “I don’t know… maybe Maxwell opened them” said Eric “NUH UH. It’s cause we’re so high up in the mountains… It’s like a science thing or something” said Maxwell. Eric, his mom, uncle, and cousin Maxwell had gone camping in Shasta Mountains. Where Eric is going to discover his future.
Meanwhile somewhere in Death Valley California. A scientist by the name of Dr. Phillips was experimenting with a new military robot that had nuclear abilities thanks to the element thermostatic19 which was determined to end the war between America and the royal army, which had the renound name of World War 3 (WWIII) .the royal army was actually a mix of the British, Russian and German armies. When something went incredibly wrong. The robot when hay-wire and killed Phillips and proceeded by destroying itself in a form of a nuclear bomb. The radius of the bomb reached L.A. but didn’t get far enough to harm or cause awareness in the city Eric was in.
About an hour later the British, Russian and German armies the also known as “The administrators” heard news about the bomb. And what they did increase the destruction by flew a fleet of about 60 f-22’s over all of California. Unknowingly the administrators could only get across the American border because of the fact that part of the border was under distress. This wave of explosions reached to the location of where Eric was.
“What was that?” said Eric “I don’t know man that was a really big boom.” Said Maxwell “well I don’t know about this kids. I’m goanna go check it out” said Eric’s mom “okay ill stay here with Eric while you and Uncle Sam go check it out” said Maxwell. “Okay be careful.” Said Eric.
Now that Eric and Maxwell were alone… “Hey man, I really need to go to the little boy’s room bro.” said Maxwell “ite. Man, be careful” said Eric
Three days later… Eric still was alone.

The author's comments:
this is a preview of what I'm working on.

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