The Forgetful Girl

January 11, 2012
By Jessicaa23 BRONZE, Brewerton, New York
Jessicaa23 BRONZE, Brewerton, New York
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Her name was Danielle. She was an average girl, good looking, popular and smart. She was good at school and she was a pleasure to be around. Everyday was always the same and she looked forward to this routine but today would be very different. Today on her way to school she was hit by a car and suffered major head trauma. Her parents were overcome with grief because the doctors said she would recover but may never regain her full memory. After months of being in a coma Dainelle awoke one day and as the doctors predicted she had lost her memory. She had no idea who she was or who her parents were or where she was. All the routine that she had gotten so used to before was now gone. She was no longer average nor popular, she had no idea if she had friends or even who they were. Everyone was a stranger and she was alone. Weeks of loneliness and dread went by until one day a flash of memory came to her from nowhere. The more she concentrated on it the more it became clear until finally she remembered. On the day of her accident she had forgotten to turn in her English homework. She quickly logged on to write her story because she knew it counted as a hundred points towards her grade this marking period. As she turned in her late assignment the teacher felt so inspired by her that she gave her two hundred points. The End.

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