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December 13, 2011
By bookzilla BRONZE, Kincardine, Other
bookzilla BRONZE, Kincardine, Other
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The door screeched as it opened; slowly a massive character strolled in as the light from the outside blasted in through the doorway. As the door closed all Terry could hear was the muffled sound of his footsteps, which were coming unpleasantly nearer. Thud, thud, thud, it was coming closer. Terry Storm cried out.
“Who’s there?” he said as he squinted his eyes to get a better look. The dark creature came closer still, and suddenly Terry was able to make out the human characteristics. The unseen person seemed to be sniffing Terry out like a hungered dog. Terry panicked, as a single drop of sweat rippled down his back; he felt the cold chill of fear overcome him. The obscure figure was face-to face with Terry as it drooled from its shattered jaw. Abruptly, Terry was struck by the construction of its face and noticed that the man who pursued him seemed to be dead. Terry was overwhelmed and tried to fathom the idea of a living-dead person. Terry peered into the creature's eyes as it stared into the distance; it was like he was unaware of everything going on around him. Terry knew this creature. This man was his best friend, Derek Frost!
“Derek? What’s wrong! Who did this to you!” he cried.
Derek was not responsive as his craved eyes widened at the sight of Terry’s flushed skin. Terry took a step back and felt the wall behind him as Derek cornered him. Derek’s jaw extended as he leapt forward to bite down onto Terry’s shoulder.

Terry let out a piercing scream as he felt the sharp pain of teeth bite down onto his shoulder. His yell of desperation cut through the darkened room like a knife and a light emerged, his audible shriek changing the ambience of the room. Terry’s legs kicked out from beneath him as he fell towards the ground. He didn’t realize where he was until his eyes had opened. Book lined shelves blurred past his eyes as both Terry and his chair hit the library floor. As Terry got onto his knees, he watched his peers laughing at him. He could hear the librarian telling them to be quiet as he picked himself up off the floor.
“You okay? I watched you doze off there like two minute’s ago.” Derek said.
“Whoa, yeah I’m fine. I just had a bad dream that’s all.”
“I didn’t want to wake you considering you have been studying for fifteen hours straight for this exam. I thought you could use a break.”
“You should have woke me, I told you I didn’t need a break!” Terry complained.
Derek sighed. “Man you’re taking University way to seriously. You need to chill out and take a break for a change.”
“Yeah you’re probably right. Sorry if I seem angry with you, I’m just stressed over this exam.”
Derek laughed. “Probably right? I’m always right! Now c’mon, I’m going to the vending machine. I’ll get an energy drink for the tired little baby.”

Terry pushed himself away from cluttered table filled with open cartons of Chinese food, a pile of textbooks from the library downtown, and a dozen empty coffee cups from Tim Hortons.
“So if you don’t mind me asking, what was it that you were dreaming about when you screamed like that?” Asked Derek as he slipped a toonie into the vending machine.
“Well, I was in this dark room….“
Terry was interrupted by the thunderous sound of someone banging on the exit door of the Cafeteria, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Then seconds later the sound of a woman’s frantic scream filled the empty main floor cafeteria.
“Should we open it?” Derek asked while his hand rested on the door handle.
“YEAH MAN! That girl sounds like she is in trouble!”
Derek swung open the door as a young man fell in. The young lad instantly jumped up and pushed Derek away from the door, and slammed it behind him.
“Lance Griller! Was that you screaming like a little girl on the other side of the door?!” Derek said laughing.

All was quiet except the ticking clock that hung above them, and Lances panting. Terry noticed that there was something horribly wrong with Lance, and today he didn’t seem to be running from the football team.
Terry approached Lance slowly. “Hey Griller, you alright man? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. What’s going on outside that has you so shook-up?”
Lance was wheezing heavily with his ear pressed to the door. “Don’t- go outside, there are living dead people out there!” he said nearly swallowing his inhaler.
Derek angrily grasped Lance by the shirt. “Listen freak, I don’t know what your trying to pull, but let me make it crystal clear to you that I’m very good friends with the football team.”
Lance shoved Derek’s hand off of his shirt. “Do you really think I take pleasure in getting beaten up? Why would I be lying about this! If you don’t believe me take a look outside!” he cried.
As Derek and Terry approached the window from the far side of the cafeteria, the scene of total destruction outside stunned them. Their minds went totally blank as they starred at the view of scorching cars, smashed glass, zombies, and human happy-meals.

“S***! How did this happen? How were we oblivious to this? We should have heard the commotion outside,” Derek cried while staring off into the distance.
Lance sniffled pushing his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose. “Well Derek, there is a simple answer to your question. Approximately one year ago we had soundproof windows, insulation and doors installed. Soundproofing materials are for reducing sound, and are often made out of wood and fiberglass, but there are many other materials that can be used as well which form an air tight barrier around…“
“Sorry, I tend to ramble on.”
Terry sat down by the large window that over-looked the University and contemplated his dream. He found it ironic that he had just woke up from a dream about the living dead only to be faced with zombies in real life. He didn’t want to tell Derek about his dream considering the fact that the living dead were actually running around the streets of Toronto. His train of thought was interrupted when the cafeteria door started to shake. It seemed like someone or something was trying to force it open.
The door shook with such a force they could feel the vibration beneath their feet. All three of them were asking themselves the same question, ‘What the hell was on the other side of that door?’

While the metal door vibrated Terry turned his back to the door and began to walk away keeping his eyes on the Cafeteria entrance. “Guys, I think now would be a good time to run!”
“Yeah, good idea-.... Lance you coming? LANCE!?”
Lance’s just stood there shaking. ‘LANCE’ Derek yelled ‘Move your ass before whatever that is gets through the door, I have a feeling they’d make the football team look like a wet dream!” That seemed to snap Lance out of it, “Yeah, right behind you!”
They began to make their way towards the stairs just as the door behind them smashed open. Lance once again let out a girly scream that seemed to crescendo off of the high ceiling cafeteria. They started sprinting and within a split second of hearing Lances scream Terry turned to look behind him. The sight of the zombies forcing their way into the building startled him. They had distinctive features often described in novels. Their pale dead skin looked like it was decaying; their eyelids sagged as if their eyeballs were too heavy for the socket, and their bloody jaws hung low. The zombies rapidly swarmed into the building fixated on the scent of living flesh. Jumping like scared gazelles up the stairs they made their way to the top floor, where the trio found themselves in the science lab. Tables, chairs, and anything heavy was propped against the door blocking the only exit they had.

“Now what!?” Derek said panicking.
Terry started pacing back and forth, “We need to find a way out! What about the ceiling tiles! We could crawl through a vent onto the roof!”
“Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately the air ducts won’t hold your weight, unless your under ninety pounds which you don’t appear to be. Furthermore you would have to encounter a vent large enough to fit the surface area of-“
“We get it Point Dexter. So what your saying is that we’re screwed?” Derek pointed out lifelessly.
“Essentially, yes…”
They thought this was the end for them; they had trapped themselves in their own cage. It was only a matter of time until the flesh hungry hunters caught them. They flinched at the ear-splitting sound of glass breaking as it scattered across the floor. While Lance and Derek’s eyes followed the trail of glass to the window their eyes ascended to the sight of Terry aggressively hitting what was left of the broken window.
“Terry! What are you doing man?!” Derek shouted.
“We’re getting outta here! I’m not going to stay here and wait for my death!” Terry said like a crazy person.
Lance was bewildered with Terry’s response. “Umm, Terry. You do know that the drop from here is fifty feet right?” He said as he walked across the broken glass, which cracked under his feet.

Without any delay, Terry’ went to the glass box which contained the fire hose. Terry’s elbow came down on the glass with an unrelenting force that set off the fire alarm.
“Are you guys just going to stand there? Or are you going to give me a goddamn hand!” He said angrily.
Derek pushed Lance from the back. “Yeah Lance, give us a hand!”
“Sure thing guys! Sorry.”
Terry began tying the fire hose to a desk just before Lance interrupted him. “Excuse me Terry, but that desk will not hold our weight, nor will that knot.” Lance said.
“Well Lance, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this! But soon enough those zombies will eventually get through that door! So if there is something you know that we don’t, THEN SPEAK UP!” Terry yelled.
Lance walked over to Terry taking control of the situation. He then snatched the fire hose from Terry’s trembling hands. He started tying the hose around the leg of the large bookcase by the window, his hands moved swiftly while securing the hose in an intricate knot; It was almost like he had done this before.
“Where did you learn to tie like that?” Derek asked.
Lance sniffled. “Boy scouts, I was a cub leader for the wombats three years running.”
“Wow, why am I not surprised.”
“SHHHH! Do you hear that?!” Terry interrupted.
“Hear what?”
“SHHH! Shut up, listen…”
As the room went silent they picked up on the barely audible humming coming from the vents. Quietly out of nowhere they heard the zombies guttural moaning, as they limped closer.
“We got to move, now!” said Terry grabbing hold of the line.”
“Wait! We can only go down one at a time. I don’t want to take the chance of the book case moving.” Cried Lance.

Terry gasped as his body swung over the building ledge realizing how elevated he was. While Terry hung on for his life, Lance and Derek were fixated on the sound of the squeaking brass door handle turning. Silently they stood frozen watching the door handle giggle and listening for the sounds of zombies approaching. They remained still until Derek gulped what little saliva was in his mouth down his dry scratchy throat, making the door rumble as it shook.
“Nice going idiot!” Lance said angrily.
“You couldn’t have waited could you!’
“How was I supposed to know!?” Derek said as he peered over the ledge to see if Terry had made it down yet. Lance then sprinted over to where the fire hose had been and grabbed the fire axe.
“Hold on Derek!”
“Take this! We don’t know what’s down there.” Lance said throwing the axe towards Derek.
“Thanks, this might come in handy later on.” He said as they exchanged grins.
“You know Lance, you’re not as bad as everyo-“ BOOM! Abruptly the door budged open slightly as decayed hands tried forcing their way in. Derek jumped off the ledge with rope in one hand, and the fire axe in the other.
“See you at the bottom.”

When Derek got to the bottom he noticed Terry waiting impatiently for him.
“What’s going on up there?” Terry asked curiously.
Derek spoke hesitantly as he waited for Lance to come down. “Before I left the zombies budged the door open, they were slowly getting in! Lance was right behind me when I slid down!”
Seconds turned into what seemed like hours for Terry and Derek as they stood there looking at the top of the fire hose.
“If he doesn’t come down in the next minute we have to leave, were sitting ducks out here!” Derek demanded.
“He’ll be here don’t worry.”
“You don’t think that… You know?”
Terry looked at Derek frustrated. “Derek! Now is not the time to be thinking like that, alright?!”
“Alright, I apologize. I’m just wondering the same thing you are right now.”
Terry stood there ignoring Derek’s negativity while his eyes lingered on the top of the fire hose.
All of a sudden Lance’s body slid out from the window like he was sliding to third base for the World Series. He was falling fast and let out his cardinal girlish scream. He struggled to grab hold of the firehouse before plummeting to his death. Terry and Derek thought he was a goner, but he somehow managed to grab hold of the fire hose and slide down the remainder of the way to the bottom.

When Lance got to the bottom he brought his cherry red hands to eye level. He turned his head to each hand with his mouth wide open while blowing each one out like a birthday candle.
“UGH! MOTHER! F-“ Terry’s hands covered Lance’s mouth before he could finish.
“SHH! We don’t want to draw anymore attention then what we have already!” Terry whispered in his ear.
Lance bit down on his lips. “Mmm Hmm!”
“What the hell were you doing up there anyway Griller!” Derek asked.
“If you must know! I was saving your life!
“Yeah unfortunately for my knot skills the hose came loose as you were climbing down. However I did manage to grab hold of the hose just as it was about to fall off the ledge.”
“What about the zombies?” asked Terry.
Lance inhaled on his inhaler. “They got in just as I finished tying the knot. I didn’t bother looking back at the zombies, but as soon as I slid off the ledge I felt the cold breath of death on the back of my neck.”
“Well, thanks Lance.” Derek said
“You risked your life for us. You did a good thing Lance.” Terry padded him on the back.
“Meh, I’m sure you guys would have done the same for me.” Lance said.

The trio made their way to downtown Toronto, or what used to be Toronto before the military had started hitting it with air strikes. Crowds of zombies had chased the militia through the streets and back allies. Unbeknownst to the trio, the military had now set up headquarters in the CN Tower as it provided a better tactical advantage and stronghold. Terry, Lance and Derek decided to hide out in a dumpster until they came up with a plan. They figured the best way to get away from the Zombie’s was to find a set of wheels. As they peered out of the dumpster into the alley Terry noticed a police vehicle. Terry slowly approaches the police vehicle from the back of the car. Terry looked threw the back window and was able to see a police officer sitting in the drivers seat. As he made his way to the driver’s side door he could see that the officer was dead. Carefully he opened the drivers side door, the officer feel out face first onto the ground. Terry flipped the police officer onto his back and pried the gun from his stiff hand. He couldn’t help but look at his bloodstained nametag, Officer Robert Lennon. When looking at the young man’s face he noticed the bullet hole went from one side of his head and out the other. Bits of brain fragment hung out of both the entry and exit point. Terry figured suicide was likely a better option than being eaten alive.
A few tears slide down Terry’s murky face as he thought about the officer, “Well Robert, I’m sorry this happened.”
Terry’s hand rested upon Roberts head as he peered into his eyes; his gaze was stony and cold. His brown eyes were wide open and alert as he stared into space. Terry then ran his hand across his pale cold face closing Roberts’s eyes.
“Rest in peace my friend.” Terry whispered.

Terry returned back to the dumpster where Derek and Lance were waiting for him. “Guys I think the car will be too dangerous, it will draw too much attention, but we have an arsenal now.”
“How many bullets do we have?” Derek asked.
Terry cocked the chamber back flipping the safety on as he released the clip from the gun. Dumping the bullets onto his left palm he counted out seven, one short of a full clip…
Lance began to walk out from the corner of the back alley with Terry and Derek right behind him.
“You know I’ve never been to the CN Tower yet.” Lance said joyfully.
Terry was looking down at his feet when out of nowhere something blurred from around the corner jumped towards Lance. The zombie had appeared now leaping onto Lances throat. Everything happened so quickly. Derek rushed over to Lance bringing his axe high above his head letting out a war cry as he smashed the axe into the zombie’s brittle head splitting him into two. Derek fell to his knees while picking up Lance’s small body and holding him in his arms. Within those few seconds it seemed like everything got much louder, they could hear Derek’s whimpering mingled with the sound of Lance choking on his own blood. Lance spoke while the blood bubbled in his throat. “Ssshoot mee.”

That night was darker then usual as the moonlight reflected off of Lances pool of blood. Terry stood over Lance while his glistening eyes reflected his jet-black pistol. Lance closed his eyes before Terry pulled the trigger speaking his last words.
“You guyss were greatt-t friendsss” Lance choked while the gunshot went off echoing through the destroyed streets of Toronto.
After the loss of their friend they made their way to the CN Tower. On their way there they spoke very little to each other. As they arrived they noticed the doors were locked.
“This one is locked too,” said Derek.
“Same with this one. Lets check around the back.” Terry said while tucking the handgun behind his back.”
Behind the CN Tower they found a large metal door.
Terry turned the door handle as he swung the door open. “Hey Derek! This one is open!”
“Wait for me, can you see anything in there?”
“No, we’re going to have to look for lights.” Terry said as they both entered.”
Without warning blinding lights turned on as a loud scream shouted out.
Derek spoke in a sarcastic tone to Terry. “Well then, I don’t think we have much of a choice now do we?” As they both laid down on the ground not able to see anything from the bright light.

Unaware of what was going on they heard a military officer shouting demands.
“Search those civilians!”
Footsteps came closer as these men picked up Terry and Derek from the floor padding them down for any weapons.
“Sir, this one is strapped. He is carrying a Sig P-220 chambered in 45 ACP with an 8 round magazine. Two rounds are missing from his clip and his partner is carrying a fire axe.”
“Good work soldier, now bind them and bag’em.”
Terry and Derek had thick black bags thrown on their heads; it was like breathing through a straw. While their hands were tied Derek started yelling.
“HEY, I GOT RIGHTS! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” Derek shouted.
“Someone shut him up.” The sergeant commanded.
As Derek rambled on the blunt side of a gun came down upon his neck knocking him unconscious.
Moments later a military officer busted in through the metal door shouting at the Commander Chief.
“Commander! The left wing was been breached; group-mobile and our lookouts have all been eliminated by the infection. A mass horde is making their way here now.” He cried
“Protect the package at any cost! Put some heat on them, I want this whole facility locked down. Nothing gets in! Do I make myself clear Corporal! The Commander said.

Through the mayhem Terry was able to pick up on the faint sounds of conversation and swift footsteps. The gunfire was getting louder and he sensed that the zombie’s were slowly overcoming the military. Terry began breathing heavily underneath the dense black sac that covered his head. He could feel the moisture building on his face from his breath. Throughout the commotion Terry could sense that someone was approaching him. Suddenly, he was picked up by his handcuffs, which were behind his back. His sac was removed from his face; able to breath again his hands were also released from the restraining metal grip. When his eyes came into focus he noticed a giant of a man standing before him as he spoke.
“GET OUTTA HERE NOW!” He shouted.
“I need to get my friend though!” Terry said struggling to pick Derek up.
The zombies were getting in now as the large man tried holding them back only to fail. Terry tried to wake Derek from his sleep, as the crowd of zombies grew nearer.

At a moment of desperation, Terry withdrew from Derek’s body, leaving his best friend behind with the zombies as he ran off crying. With nowhere to run to, Terry ran into the cold misty maintenance room; locking the door behind him. While Terry stood still he looked around the dark room and got the distinct feeling that he had been there before. Terry watched the bottom of the door where the light dimly shined in, as someone stepped in front of the light, the door handle turned. While the door handle spun steadily it came to a stop at the locking point; forcefully it broke as it kept spinning. Someone strolled in as the light from the outside blasted in through the doorway. As the door closed behind them all Terry could hear were the muffled footsteps, which were coming unpleasantly nearer. Something wasn’t right; he felt the strange feeling of dayshavoo overcome him. Suddenly the familiar ripple of sweat dripped down his back as he panicked. Terry rapidly had an epiphany as he began to understand that this was his nightmare! As he stepped back he felt the cold wall against his fingertips and Derek cornered him once again with his drooling, extended jaw. Derek jumped forward as his teeth bit down onto Terry’s shoulder, ripping his flesh. Terry let out a scream of desperation, but this time he didn’t wake up.

The author's comments:
I did this short story in my writers craft class, its aite i suppose.

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